I freaking love snow

December 1, 2012

Today is the first of December, 24 days until Christmas Eve and 21 days until my winter holiday starts. This year I’ll have a full two weeks holiday, the longest winter holiday I’ve had since I was still in school (back in 2006 I believe). Sadly, all the planes to Vasa are booked and only business class is left where tickets are going for roughly 500€ (One way), which is a bit over my flying budget. This means that instead of travelling with plane, which is my preferred way of transportation, I’ll have to travel with boat and car instead. My sister has volunteered to come and get me from Turku when I arrive with boat from Stockholm. The distance between Turku and Vasa is 331km or about 3 hours with car. After about an hour in to the trip you end up in Pori, one of the most boring cities in Finland, and the road between Pori and Vasa can only be described as the most boring bit of highway in the entire world, and I’m pretty sure that anybody that has ever traveled on that road will agree. I feel sorry for my sister, because she’ll have to see that stretch two times in one day.

I don’t remember when, but as far as I can tell I’ve always loved snow, something magically happens when the first snow arrives. The usual darkness of November disappears in a coat of white fluffy frozen water. So I’m pretty sure you can guess what has happened, the first snow has arrived to Stockholm, it’s the first time in roughly 19 years that I don’t get to see the first snow in Vasa, but I’m still happy. The only thing left is for it to become cold, at the moment we are only witnessing a temperature at around -4°C, which is a little lame, hopefully it’ll drop to below -20°C sometime soon.

To illustrate just how much snow we’ve gotten, I’ve taken a new picture from our balcony, you can cross reference it against the old one I had in my last weekly update. (And I can assure you, the picture below is not in black and white.)

The first two, maybe even three months, I’m really excited about winter. The coldness, the frost, the thick clothing and everything that goes with it. This usually takes a drastic change in late February early March, this is the period when I start to hate snow. At that point of the year I almost always swear that I’ll move somewhere south so I’ll never have to experience snow again.

So what conclusion can we draw from these earlier statements? I’m really grateful for our four varying seasons in the Nordic countries, and I wouldn’t change them for anything.

In other news in the life of me, Paulina has gotten a second job at a book store and she’s also finally gotten a Swedish bank account, so a big round of applause for her.