I felt like I was being watched.

March 6, 2016

Let’s start off this post with animals, because everybody likes animals.

So earlier today (Sunday) I was out on my balcony, minding my own business, when I felt like I was being watched. Turned around and on the rail, a cat was looking at me intensely. When it noticed that I had seen it, it jumped down on to my balcony and said hi in a cat’s way, i.e. rubbing against the legs.

I like animals, but I’m always unsure when being close to animals that are owned by people I don’t know. So instead of socializing with the cat, I went inside. The cat wanted to join me, but I was able to close the door before it could get in.

It looks a lot like Carlos’ old cat, which name now escapes me.

The cat then spent the next 30 minutes meowing on my balcony. I went every now and then out to see if it was still there, and after a while, Paulina got tired and starting knocking on our neighbours doors, though as is custom in Finland, nobody opened. She came back without an owner.

After another 10 minutes of meowing, it got quiet, I went to check the balcony, and the cat was nowhere to be found, so I guess the owners had called it back in.

IxDA 2016 Open Studios – Reaktor

This week IxDA 2016 was held in Helsinki, and so, there’s been a lot of events going on around town the whole week. I haven’t really attended any of them, and on Thursday when I got in to work, a couple of people were talking about an open studio event that was going to take place that evening. In essence a lot of web/design studios around town were opening up their doors for the public.


I decided that I might as well join in and have a drink or something. So after work I tagged a long with a couple of my coworkers and headed to Reaktor’s affiliate office. It wasn’t their main working office, but a side office located a couple a blocks from where they actually work. I can only assume that it’s used more for events and meetings.

You had to go through a small labyrinth in the staircase before you got to the actual office space, but once inside, it felt like being transported from white sterile office corridors in to an actual pub when we got to the correct office entrance.

The event started at 7:30 PM, and we got there around 7:40 PM, but there were already loads of people there. We had been a bit afraid that we’d be the first people to arrive, but any such fears were immediately alleviated when we walked in.


The office was really kind of small, and with the amount of people in the space, it got really warm, and the air was really thick. But it was really nice looking, and they had really made an effort to make it an awesome experience. I talked to a couple of people, had a drink, walked around and took images.

I spent about an hour before I decided to get back home. I could’ve stayed longer and go on to the next office, but seeing as Friday was a normal work day, I didn’t want to risk getting hungover or being tired the next day, so I just went home.

But from what I’ve understood, the rest of the gang had a really great night.

Samuel Klinkmann from Monday Digital. If you haven’t already, check out their vlog on youtube. It’s in Finnish but with English subtitles.


Paulina was off work this weekend, and we decided to head in to town for breakfast Saturday morning. There’s a lot of Fazer cafés littered around town, and even though Fazer is probably most known for their candy, they also make really good bread. Come to think of it, I think they actually started off as a bakery.

The Fazer café in Kamppi, with a giant lady in the back looking in.

Anyway, after we had eaten, I came up with the perfect birthday gift to Paulina (her birthday is next week), a museum card, which grants you free access to a lot of the museums and art galleries around Finland.

Most people that have read my blog, know that both me and Paulina are avid museum and gallery goers, it’s something we both really enjoy. And I’ve already got a museum card, so it would only make sense to get her one as well.

So off we went to Ateneum. Yes, her birthday is next week, but since we wanted to do something anyway, I decided to just buy the card then and there and give it to her so we’d have something to do during the afternoon.

You’re not allowed to take pictures in Ateneum, except in this one room, and the only picture I took, was of the sign saying you’re allowed to take pictures.

I’ve talked about Ateneum before, it’s the same museum that had the Cartier-Bresson exhibition. The current exhibition that was going was called “Japanomania” which basically showed different art forms in the Nordic countries which have been heavily influenced by traditional Japanese art.

In the end, that exhibition wasn’t all that interesting, even though I am quite found of the Japanese style.

They also had some other exhibitions going, but nothing that piqued my interest, most of the museum was actually closed off, so I’m guessing they’re preparing something larger that they haven’t yet opened up.

But just like Kiasma, Ateneum is worth a visit for nothing else but the building, it’s a really beautiful old house, an artwork in it self.