Historiska museum

January 11, 2015

One of my favourite museums in Stockholm is Historiska. It’s one of the museums that really tries to make the whole visit an experience. In all honesty, it really reminds me of Natural History Museum in London, though not as big, and they have a court that reminds me of the Victoria and Albert museum (also in London).


Me and Paulina visited Historiska this weekend. And as we got in, we went straight for the cloakroom, where they have these small locked lockers that you can use. However they only accept 1 kronor coins, I asked the people in the reception if they could break up a 10 kronor coin so I could use the locker, instead they offered me a 1 kronor coin that I could borrow (which shows what kind of service one can expect!).

Anyway, we had decided to have breakfast at the museum, so the first thing we did was head for the restaurant. After eating and drinking coffee we went out to explore the museum.

The first stop was how people lived in Sweden, and this part of the museum starts with the oldest body found in Sweden, a 7000 year old female skeleton.


We walked through multiple installations, one of the things that I really like is that almost all of their exhibitions have some kind of connection with the modern day.


On the top floor there’s a small room where they show bodies from previous wars, and you can also try out some of the armour that was used. While it’s a bit morbid to see the skulls fused with metal armour, it really makes you understand how horrific it must’ve been being at war.


At the end of the top floor there’s a large room were they’ve exhibited stuff from churches around (I presume) Sweden.


There’s a lot of altarpieces, some which are completely crafted in wood. The level of details in these are astonishing, to think how much time somebody must have spent sculpturing is mind blowing, a single slip and the artwork is destroyed.


On our way out we had to visit the gift shop. I didn’t find anything that I wanted, but there were a lot of costumes, and I’m pretty sure Lucien (Carlos’ son) would have a field day playing around with the stuff.