Heat wave

July 5, 2015

So, Helsinki has been hit by a heat wave. Who ever ordered this weather is crazy, the temperature has been around 28°C. So far I had really enjoyed the summer since it had been pretty cool and nice, at least as far as I was concerned. My solution to keep as cool as possible now is to stay inside, eat a lot of popsicles and avoid the sun as much as possible. Luckily it doesn’t get as hot as it did in Stockholm, and one of the big perks with living on Lauttasaari is that there’s a constant breeze from the sea.

The fisheye perspective makes the furniture look really small, and the balcony really big.

In the last couple of apartments that I’ve lived in, I’ve had a balcony, but never bothered to get any furniture for it. So this week me and Paulina decided to get a table and a couple of chairs. We went to Jysk to see what they offered, though we didn’t want to spend all too much on it, and so, we decided to go with their cheapest set. The chairs are pretty comfortable, and the table is ugly, but for the price of 53€ (for the complete set), I honestly can’t complain.

Not strictly this week, but I managed to get up an old poster that’s been in my possession since 2005.

I got a tip that the USS Jason Dunham (Destroyer, DDG-109), was taking port here in Helsinki over the weekend, though they didn’t report in what harbor. So the other day, when I was heading to the Finnish Museum of Photography, I managed to see the top parts of the vessel from the bus. After the museum I tried to track it down based on my previous sighting. Me and Paulina walked from Ruoholahti across Jätkäsaari to where I thought it was.

Sadly they had parked the boat in an area which wasn’t reachable by foot (or without security clearance). I had really wanted to get close to it, just to get a glimpse of, what I presumed would be a Sikorsky SH-60 Seahawk. I’ve seen one once before on the USS Simpson (Frigate, FFG-56), but I wasn’t in to photography back then, so I don’t have a picture of it.

Anyway, even though I didn’t get a chance to photograph it, I did find a youtube video showing the boat (it’s actually taken the same day that I was walking around there). And at the end of the video you’re able to see that it does have a Seahawk on board. I also found a high-definition clip filmed with a DJI Phantom 2 (at 9:54 you can see Lauttasaari just ahead).

Me on the bridge between Ruoholahti and Jätkäsaari

After giving up on the boat, we headed to verkkokauppa.com, which is located on Jätkäsaari, and that’s where I bought my new headphones.

Not much else has been going on, so, eh, that’s that.