Happy holidays

December 25, 2012

As usual, I’m a bit late with this post but better late then never, right? So I’m currently enjoying 2 weeks of vacation and it looks like I’m going to spend it all in Finland.


So we finally released the game, a day late, but I do feel like it was for the better. Me and Jussi (on of the visual designers who did most of the game graphics) have had a small competition about how’d get the highest highscore. And as you can see, I didn’t win. He’s standing with a score of 540 and me being second place at 539, which means he’s beaten the game one second faster then me, and even though I’ve tried I can’t get to 541.

You should seriously try to beat me (BEN) or Jussi (JZZ)!

Finland trip

I think I’ve mentioned it earlier, but all the flights to Finland (Vasa) were booked which meant I needed to take the boat in combination with car to get to Vasa. The boat-ride in itself isn’t that bad, but having to sit in a car for 3-4 hours is aching to torture (mildly exaggerating).

Weather in Finland

The first thing I noticed in Vasa is the cool weather. The temperature is hovering around -24 degrees celsius but it feels like almost -40, which is really nice.


I spent Christmas eve at my parents house with my family. Not really much more too it, liked it.


And the laptop, it’s giving my a mild headache. It works great except that the battery is DOA, and being an ultra portable, it’s not really portable without a working battery, and because it’s so thin, the battery is internal and non-removable, so the whole laptop needs to be shipped in for fixing. This wouldn’t be such a pain if it wasn’t because I’m only in Finland to the 6th of January and almost all of the days of me being here are red-days (days were all businesses are closed). Well on Thursday I’m bringing it in to see what my options are.