Happy easter

March 30, 2013

It’s been a short work week, and feels like a short normal week as well, this could be because I already posted a somewhat lengthy post earlier, one year has passed since my job interview at bazooka.

At the Bazooka office

The last bank day this week was Thursday, and one of the fun things we do at bazooka is to hold official everybody-is-welcomed after-works, and then we have the more private get-togethers, where mostly co-workers and their families hang out. We had such an event this Thursday, and I went around shooting pictures. Because I don’t like to publish pictures where people are easily recognizable I’ve tried to pick the most interesting of non-people pictures.

Polling devices

We started out at with a small poll about what the employees feel about Bazooka. We were handed these small polling devices, which had numbers on them, and then we were presented with 30 questions, which were to be answered on a scale from one to six. The cool thing with these devices were that after every question we got the results. Everything was submitted anonymously, and the result of these questions will be used as a baseline for future polls. As I understood it, these polls will be a biannual thing, where the results will be used by the management to improve the company.

Johan's robot

One of our back end developers, Johan, also demonstrated his latest pastime invention, a small arduino powered robot that is able to detect obstacles with IR sensors, and then go around them (albeit with a random function, so it didn’t always work). It looked like a really fun project, and I’m very impressed. There’s probably a thousand ways to continue building on the idea.


There’s always tons of food at Bazooka’s AW, so if you ever get the chance, you should really come visit us during one. We also have ping-pong tables, table football, a standing bar, smoke machines and a lot of other stuff that I’ve probably forgot to mention.

Playing table football

At around 9 PM most people had left, so we who were still there decided to go out for a few drinks. My biggest problem was that I was carrying a lot of gear, camera, laptop etc. and I didn’t want to carry this stuff out on bars, feels like the risk for something getting stolen is quite huge when you factor in that I was drinking.
Luckily, Paulina volunteered to come meet me in Hornstull and fetch my bag.
The first place we went to was a weird place in-between Hornstull and Zinkensdamm, I’m not going to go in on details, but I’m pretty sure I’ll never visit the place again. After leaving that god-forsaken place we took a cab to Under bron (roughly translated, Under the bridge). It’s a three storey night club, which had, at almost every doorway these typical slaughter-house plastic curtains thing, which first felt a little disconcerting. But all in all, it was a nice place of which I can recommend.

Paulina had earlier in the day told me that she had bought an easter present for me. At the time I hadn’t really thought about it. I thought it was probably just some candy or something. The thing is, Paulina was going to Ă…land over the weekend with Sandra, she had asked if I wanted to join them, but I felt like I’d only act as a third wheel. So I chose to stay at home. Paulina, always being considerate, was afraid that I’d be upset being alone through the weekend so she had gone out earlier in the day and bought something. So when I got home at 1 AM, being a bit “absent-minded” after a few drinks. She gave me a small packet wrapped in gift paper, smiling widely. I opened the gift, and it was the premium edition of Battlefield 3 for the Xbox 360. I don’t have an Xbox here in Stockholm, but the it’s the thought that counts, and I was really happy and hugged her. She asked me if it was the “right version”, not wanting to ruin this moment I told her “yes, yes it is, but I don’t have an Xbox here in Stockholm” and that’s about when she gives me a larger present and says “Well, good thing I bought one of those as well”.

My heart literally stopped, this was probably the cutest thing she could have done. And I felt like a complete douche, I hadn’t gotten her anything, and to top it of, I was drunk, she had done all this just so I wouldn’t feel lonely throughout the weekend.

Now to devise a plan where I can repay the gesture.