Hands-on with the Fancier Delta B600A (WB-9010) camera bag

January 27, 2014

After looking at a lot of bags, almost too many to mentioned, I finally settled for a bag that doesn’t really seem to be all that known. But before I go into that, let me explain what problems I’ve had with my current bag, the Kata DR467i, which is a great bag, but it has one large disadvantage and that is the ease of accessing the camera. You have to remove the bag from your back, place the bag on stable ground and remove the camera, and when your done fumbling around with the bag, you’ve already missed the shot.

But on the other hand, what’s been great with the Kata is it’s versatility. And this is something I’ve looked for in other bags. I don’t need a camera bag in the sense “a bag for a camera”. What I need is a bag, and while it should be able to carry my camera safely, it should also support anything else I throw at it, for example my laptop, or spare clothes, or what ever. Another thing that’s important is how comfortable it is, I’ve tried shoulder bags, I’ve tried slings, but after a few hours they start to hurt, so I always end up going back to backpacks.

Anyway, I’ve looked through most normal brands like LowePro, ThinkTank etc. But their target group seems to be either hobby photographers or professional photographers, not on the everyday casual photographer (i.e. somebody who wants to bring their camera with them in their everyday life). Granted, DSLR cameras aren’t really the lightest cameras and now a days people usually use their phones for everyday photography. The design of regular camera bags seem to follow this set of rules. The smaller the bag, the cheaper it is. If you decide to throw more money, you get a larger bag, but it will only have room for the camera and a few lenses. Throw even more money at it and you’ll get a bag that supports multiple cameras and multiple lenses. And as earlier stated, I want a bag that can take the camera with a few spare lenses, but still have room for other “normal” non-camera things. I hate luggage, the less the better, and when I travel I try to only have one bag, the carry-on luggage, so any bag that I own needs to be able to hold all the stuff I need for a few days abroad.

So I was actually browsing around for some inexpensive white umbrellas on kaffebrus.se, and I decided to go check their assortment of bags (even though I had essentially given up on a new bag), and that’s when I found a bag that seemed to fit my criteria, and it was actually cheap. I started looking around for reviews, but I came up empty, everything that I could find was one 2 minute long youtube video about somebody unpacking his bag, and one blog post which was somewhat helpful.

What became clear to me was that the bag in question, the Fancier Delta B600A (WB-9010), was actually produced by a Chinese company called Ningbo Weifeng Bags & Cases Co., Ltd. And judging on the google hits it seemed to be a normal run of the mill ebay-made-in-chine-cheap-as-hell-will-break kind of thing. My initial response was not to bother, that it was probably crap and not worth the hassle.

But after a few days I couldn’t seem to get the bag out of my mind, so I decided to order it and write about my hands-on experience with it. It cost me 799 SEK (roughly 91€), here’s the product link (they have some more technical images of the bag).

Fancier Delta B600A (WB-9010) camera bag and Kata DR467i Camera bag
To the left the Fancier Delta B600A (WB-9010), to the right the Kata DR467i

One of the things that I liked with the bag was the color, it’s a khaki-desert color with a touch of green (it’s kind of hard to get the accurate color on photo). It was also nice to see a camera bag that doesn’t look like the normal black bag that screams out that it’s containing a DSLR. It looked larger in the pictures, and when I unpacked it, it felt kind of large, but once I put it beside my Kata, it kind of shrunk.

The material of the bag is some kind of canvas, it reminds me of moleskin, but a bit softer. There’s also an inner coating with a plastic fabric that’s water resistant.

Both the camera and laptop compartment are fairly well padded. And the underside of the bag is made of a rubber-type fabric which is there to protect it from water/moist when you put it down on the ground.

Fancier Delta B600A (WB-9010) camera bag with Coca cola bottle
The B600A with an 0.5L Coca-cola bottle for size reference

Fancier Delta B600A (WB-9010) camera bag with ThinkPad laptop
A 14″ laptop, loaded from the side

One really important aspect was that the bag had to be able to hold my laptop. I’ve noticed that a lot of camera bags these days seem to support different kinds of tablets but ignoring the laptops. This bag should be able to fit a 15″ laptop, but to tell you the truth, my 14″ ultrabook was almost too big (as in tall, not thick).

Fancier Delta B600A (WB-9010) camera bag top compartment
The top compartment

I couldn’t find one decent picture of the top compartment when searching for the Delta B600A, so here’s a picture of the empty top compartment. There’s a small pocket inside where I guess you’re supposed to store valuables (like your wallet or passport) but that’s about it. The floor of the compartment is collapsible, just like in the Kata, which means you can cram in more stuff if needed (that’s a useful feature when you only want to have one bag when traveling).

Fancier Delta B600A (WB-9010) camera bag
The front compartment with lid shut

Fancier Delta B600A (WB-9010) camera bag front compartment
The front compartment with lid open, room for two lenses/flashes

You can load in spare lenses through the front compartment. The lid on the compartment features a mesh-pocket which is useful for cables or lens accessories like filters. (The Kata in comparison is able to hold 5 lenses/flashes + camera body with a sixth lens attached, but that’s really stretching it).

Fancier Delta B600A (WB-9010) camera bag
The side camera-compartment

Fancier Delta B600A (WB-9010) camera bag with camera
The side camera-compartment with a Canon 60D and a battery-grip

And then there’s the most important part of the bag, the side compartment, which allows easy access to the camera. I once owned a LowePro slingshot bag, and one of the features that I really like was the side opening.
The lid has three small pockets, it looks like they’re meant for storing extra SD-cards, but there’s no zipper so there’s a great chance of losing the memory cards when opening the lid.

And that’s all I’ve got to say about my first impressions with the bag, I’ll give it a few months and I’ll do a proper review.