Hamburgers and other things

January 20, 2013

In ways, this past week has been full of activities, but now as I try to recall them it’s all empty. But I’ll try my best. As you’ve hopefully already read, I was at my first geek meet this week which was really interesting. And before I start my usual weekly-rundown I’d like to start out with this advertisement that I saw in central Stockholm;

The corner of Drottninggatan and  Klarabergsgatan

Flippin’ Burgers

Last Saturday me and a few colleagues went out to eat at a place called Flippin’ Burgers. It’s a very small restaurant in the outskirts of Kungsholmen. This place is popular, and when I say popular, it’s more like “Oh-my-god-they-serve-the-best-food-ever”-popular. We started of the day at a pub called Man in the moon and left early so we’d be able to get a table at Flippin’ Burgers, we got there about one hour before they actually opened, and I shit you not, there was already a person there hanging on the doorstep. As we stood there, in the cold, a line started building up behind us. When they actually opened, the line was already about 30 meters long, and this place only has about five tables. Seeing as we where one of the first to arrive, we got a table upfront, but people actually stood outside as we ate waiting for their turn.
As I got in from the cold I really hoped their food was as good as their reputation said it was.
I order two hamburgers and a coke, a normal cheeseburger and a Jalapeño-burger, they sure took their time before actually serving as the food. And once we were served, the hamburgers were really small. The taste of the burgers were good, but not the best burgers I’ve ever eaten, and if I could turn back time, I don’t think I would’ve stood in line for these a-little-better-than-mediocre hamburgers. After I had finished both hamburgers I was still hungry, but I didn’t feel like having the people outside wait any longer so after we left the place I went to McDonalds to fill up my stomach (I have a huge appetite, and I’d like to add that Flippin’ Burgers’ do serve better hamburgers than McDonalds, I’ll give them that).

Income tax

It’s interesting in how the tax system differs between Finland and Sweden. Usually this time of the year I start stressing out about my previous tax-year, always fearing that I haven’t paid enough taxes and that I’ll end up with a tax-debt. And this year was no different. Finland has high taxes, but I’ve always heard that Sweden has some of the highest income taxes in the world, and I actually pay lower income tax in Sweden then I did in Finland, even though my salary is higher in Sweden. Both countries (at least to my understanding) have progressive income tax, the more you earn, the more you pay (which I quite frankly think is fair).
This meant, at least according to my maths, that I’ll end up with a large bill. If I’ve earned more and payed less tax, in a country which supposedly has higher taxes, I’ll end up with a deficit.
So I spoke with the tax-department and the company accountant, and to my surprise, they both told me I’ve paid too much tax.

Netflix logo


Me and Paulina have been without a TV since last month. Not literally though, we have a TV, but we don’t have a TV subscription, which means we can’t tune into any channels. For me, this hasn’t been such a huge problem, I’m generally seated in front of my computer, not caring if the TV is switched on or off. Paulina on the other hand really enjoys television, so I decided to get us a Netflix subscription. At first I was kind of shocked about the large selection of movies that Netflix has, but after scanning through the content, it’s mostly old movies. But they do have a lot of TV-series (Which Paulina likes) and at the price of 79 SEK a month, I can’t really complain. The quality of the streams are also excellent, which really makes one feel it’s worth the money.