Half way through

December 29, 2012

Almost exactly one week left of my Finland stay. The thing is, once you’ve moved away from a place you’ll have a really hard time finding things to do. Not that there isn’t anything to do, more like there’s so much to do that you generally just sit down and don’t know where to start, so you end up doing nothing. (Doesn’t make sense before you’re actually in this situation).

I’ve spent most of my days sleeping during the day and hanging out with friends during the evening / night. I feel like I should code something up, but because, as already stated, there’s too much else to do, almost overwhelming, I haven’t really done anything.

Anyway, Paulina left for Stockholm today and she’ll spend New Years Eve there. Hopefully she’ll enjoy it and not only end up sitting around lonely.

I’m a bit absentminded at the moment, but I’ll try to illustrate what I’ve done and how Finland has been so far;

As most Finns, I love winter, and the only thing to make winter more enjoyable is watching other people having to clean off their car from last evenings snow.

As some might have read on my twitter feed, I’ve finally gotten to chance to try Halo 4 out. I haven’t played any of the campaign missions, because I always play through games in one sitting, and I haven’t had time for it yet. But multiplayer has been fun. It’s interesting though that even though I haven’t played any halo game for months, almost a year, I’m still quite good if I may say so myself.

This is more of a fun thing. I don’t think there’s really any other country that brands and display liquor this way. And to make it even more sad, that’s a plastic bottle with a plastic screw cork. perfect for the inner pocket of the jacket I suppose.