Good eye might

August 16, 2015

This week we had Sandra and Ben over, our last guests of the summer. You might remember Sandra, from Stockholm, whom later on moved to Australia, well, she and her boyfriend gave us a short visit. It was super fun seeing both of them. Ben quizzed us on our knowledge on Australia, which admittedly is rather poor, the few things I know is just tidbits, like Australia declaring war with Finland back in 1941.

Anyway, he really sold us on the idea of visiting them, since they have this huge farm were they live, with lots of space, and lots of things one can do (like riding quad-bikes etc.). There’s only really two main problems, the flight, I don’t know if I could do a 30 hour flight (or however long it takes), and the heat, I think we’d have to go during their winter (which is our summer).

I also recalled a joke (I think Johan taught me), if you want to sound Australian, just say the magical words “Good Eye Might”, you’re welcome.

Finland International Airshow


By random chance, I stumbled over an ad telling me that there was going to be an Airshow here in Helsinki this weekend. I know, probably the first time ads have actually worked, right? I decided right there and then that I had to go. I asked Paulina if she wanted to join me, but sadly she was working this weekend.

Though I wasn’t going to miss out, and even if I had to go alone, I was dead set on going. Then earlier in the week I got a text from Paulina where she simply stated that I needed to check my mail, I though first that it would be some kind of bad news, and immediately checked, I got a confirmation mail and a single VIP ticket for the Airshow, which were really expensive, all paid and ready to use. She’s a darling.


I’ve written a long post, which would’ve been this week’s weekly, but because I was unsure about the rules on publishing the images on a blog, I decided to ask for permission instead of just posting. If I’m allowed to post it, you can look forward to a 2750 word post coming out next week.

Model kit building


Last week I asked for suggestions about what you, my readers, wanted to read. And first out was a model kit of the Boeing 787 Dreamliner, that I also painted, which was great fun. I’ve also prepared some other posts, of which will be published later on (can’t give you everything at once, right?).

A lot of festivals going on in the Nordics

There’s been two major festivals (that I know of) this weekend here in the Nordics. First out was Way out west in Gothenburg, and then there’s been Flow here in Helsinki. Most Finnish people I know have gone to Flow, and most Swedish people I know have gone to WOW, and then we have Kim, from Stockholm, who decided he’d break the barrier, and come visit Flow instead of WOW.

So Sunday afternoon I managed to get a cup of coffee with him, it was really nice seeing him, and I guess the funniest part is that one of the first things I told him was that I didn’t know the area very well (even though I’ve lived in Helsinki now for almost 5 months, but to be fair, we were outside of my hoods). But not to worry, Kim, who’s generally great at everything, found us a café in just a couple of minutes.

It was really fun getting updates from him on how everyone’s doing, and what people are up to. I really need to go visit all of my Stockholm friends at some point.