Get in the chopper!

June 19, 2014

You know those small nuggets in life? Well this is one of those. Flying in a helicopter, as a passenger (ever since I piloted a Cessna, I feel like I have to underline if I’m acting as a pilot or as a passenger, weird right?).

Bo had gotten hold of a couple of tickets for a short flight in a helicopter, and he asked me if I wanted to join, hell yes!

The lift off was to take place on Ekerö, which is an island in Stockholm, but it’s so far out of the city center, I’d want to revise the whole “Stockholm” thing, took probably an hour to get out there.


But once the chopper arrived, all the misery of commuting out to Ekerö went away.

Bo posing before we board the helicopter.

We hadn’t gotten any info on what kind of chopper that we would get to ride in, but we were hoping for something bigger than those small bubble-choppers. And once we saw that we were going to fly in something bigger, the excitement rose a fair bit.

Lift off!

I didn’t know what to expect from a helicopter ride, if I had to describe what I thought it would feel like, I’d sum it up to “unstable”, but I was wrong, helicopters a surprisingly stable, either that, or we had an exceptionally skilled pilot, because the lift off, and the whole ride for that matter, was buttery smooth.

My neighborhood, Årstadal.

We flew over the west parts of Stockholm, nearing the city center.

Bo on the look-out for interesting things to see.

Probably one of the most iconic buildings in Stockholm, The Ericsson Globe

It’s interesting how sparsely Stockholm is built, there’s a lot of room between the buildings, something which I haven’t noticed until seeing Stockholm from the height of 1500 feet (450 meters).

Stuck my lens through the passenger compartment into the cockpit

The chopper was split into two compartments, the cockpit, which had two seats, and the back compartment which had four seats. we were all in all five people in the helicopter. The seat beside me was empty, which suited me fine because I had my backpack with two cameras with me. Though there wasn’t really any leg room between the seat rows.

Ok, ok, act cool.

I’d say we were in the air for roughly 20 minutes, so not the longest flight, but then again, just as it is with air planes, it’s the take-offs and landings that are the most fun.

Södermalm, some might argue that this is the center of the world.

I’d really like to thank Bo for letting me tag along, it was exciting, and mostly, a lot of fun.