Geek Meet STHLM – Denise Jacobs

March 4, 2013

When they released the tickets for this Geek Meet a few weeks ago, I wasn’t one of the first to respond. The tickets were all out in less then 12 minutes. But I signed up anyway for a seat in-case somebody would decide not to go. I had honestly forgot all about this meet until yesterday (Sunday), when I got a mail from Robert Nyman that there had been an opening and if I was interested in going.
I was actually about to turn it down until I realized that this meet was taking place in a TV broadcasting studio, specifically the one that they shoot “Efterlyst“. I did my civil-service in at a TV studio so the location alone peaked my interest.

Random people hanging about

And they had my attention when I saw who the speaker was and what the talk was about. Denise Jacobs was going to talk about “Hacking The Creative Brain” / “Gamify Your Work”. The talk wasn’t really as technically focused as John Wilander’s show so I didn’t get the same “Gotchas”. But it was very interesting and she’s a really good speaker. A lot of the stuff she brought up got me thinking about the way Carlos works, and it was interesting to see somebody actually talking about the processes concretely.

If you ever have a chance to see her at a conference, I highly recommend it!

Inside the studio

As for the studio. It was pretty small, and we didn’t get a tour. Though I guess it would be somewhat of a logistical nightmare to show 150 around rooms that contain very expensive gear.

Viaplay also gave out stickers, with the somewhat old joke;

Array(16).join(“lol”-2)+” Batman!”;

Though I did stick it on my laptop.