Game on, Sushi and Halo, a rather random combination.

January 24, 2014

Last Sunday Paulina and I visited Tekniska Museet which had an ongoing international exhibition called “GameOn 2.0”. The selection of games, console and arcades where overwhelming, basically they had all of the most popular machines from the lsat 40 years, most of them being fully playable (only the really old machines from like early 1970’s where disconnected).


Because of the popularity of this exhibition you were only allowed to stay for 50 minutes, and seeing as there were quite a lot of people, I couldn’t possibly try out all of the games/machines, but then again, the mere amount of games were staggering, and even if I had more time I don’t think I would have been able to through them all.


Granted, a lot of the machines and games were from before my time. I started my gaming “career” with Commodore 64 and the original NES back in ’91 (I was three at the time).


But it was pretty fun seeing Halo: 3 on display in a LAN configuration being used by kids who probably weren’t born at the time of the original Halo: CE release. And on the subject of Halo..

Halo: Mortal Dictata


After a lot of waiting, the final book in Karen Traviss’ trilogy hit the shelves this week. I was a bit worried that it wouldn’t be for sale in my local sci-fi bookshop, but sure enough, on release day, they had it. It took me two days to finish it. While I wouldn’t call it the best one of the three, I did like it. What I disliked the most was that it concentrated a lot on the emotions and how the different characters felt at any given time, me, I like ship-to-ship battles, which there where basically none of.

It’s a bit sad seeing the trilogy come to an end, I’ve liked the way Karen has written the books, instead of praising the Spartan program like almost all of the other writers, she’s taken the stance that Dr. Halsey was evil, and everything to do with the Spartan-program was wrong, which has been really refreshing for the franchise (but reading other people’s reviews, it seems like that was the most hated part of this trilogy).

Ate Sushi, still hated it

Yupp, the PS content-aware function is great!

I’ve tasted Sushi before, but I’ve never actually set out to eat it. The first time I tried it, I whole heartedly disliked the flavour and the consistency. Paulina on the other hand loves it, and because she had been nice enough to go with me to the museum, I felt like I wanted to do something for her, so out for Sushi we went. And to be honesty, I wanted to eat it again to see if I still disliked it.

Paulina being the veteran, got to decide what to order. I can’t say I remember what she got, but I’m pretty certain that both salmon and tuna were involved.

The food aside, we had a really nice evening out, and though I didn’t like the food, I won’t dismiss Sushi as something inedible, I’ll need to try it a few more times before never touching it again.

Moved to Amsterdam!


After hearing a lot of praise from a coworker about digitalocean, I decided to try it out. I got the cheapest VPS that they had ($5/month) and moved my blog over to that server. The server is located in Amsterdam, and is officially my first server instance outside of the Nordic countries. If you’d like to try it out, they’re currently running a campaign where if you enter the coupon SSD2014 you’ll get $10 to spend on a VPS for free. And if you decide to register, please use this referral link (which will net me $10 worth of credit if you end up using their services).

All in all I’ve been quite impressed by their services, my VPS was installed and ready to go in under a minute, and then it took a few hours to configure, secure and move my blog over to it.


I know I ended last week’s post with a promise to show off the stickers I had bought, it seems like it takes a bit longer than 8 days for a package to be shipped from the US to Sweden, and while it was supposed to be this week’s highlight, I’ll have to ask you all to wait until hopefully next week.