From fifty nine to sixty in two months

January 27, 2015

The title of this post might be a bit cryptic. Fifty nine? Sixty? I’m obviously talking about geographic latitudes, Stockholm is located at 59°19′46″N, and the other position is 60°10′15″N which is the latitude of another city, namely Helsinki. And what does all this mean?


Well, I’m leaving the Swedish capital and moving to the Finnish capital, Helsinki, in two months time.

During my relative short stay in Sweden I’ve learnt a lot, both in a professional and personal setting. I’ve had the privilege to work with a great company, and I’ve had a bunch of co-workers that I’d rather call friends than colleagues. It’s also been really fun living “abroad” (seeing as Finland and Sweden are neighbouring countries, abroad feels a bit of a stretch), living without a safety net, i.e. close family, relatives etc. has been in many ways an eye opener, proving that you can do anything, as long as you have the mindset for it.

There’s a few reasons why we’re moving, but primarily these two: Paulina needs to finish her studies and we both want our own apartment. We still have all our stuff packed in boxes back in Vaasa, and it’ll be quite interesting to see what we thought, two and a half years ago, was worth saving.

I’m imagining that you’re asking yourselves what I’ll be doing in Finland, well, I’ll continue working as a web developer, I’ve had some luck and found a really nice company over in Helsinki, Idean, and I’m really looking forward to work with them. A lot of the things that I’ve seen them do, and through interviews with them, I’m truly convinced that I have a fun and challenging time ahead of me, that’ll let me keep growing as a developer.

So what will happen with my blog? Some of the long time readers will remember that I initially set out a goal to write at least one personal post every week for a year since moving to Sweden. Obviously, I failed, instead of stopping at 52 posts, I kept going. I’ve decided to set up a tag for all the weekly update blogs that are part of my “Swedish chapter”, though I’ve yet decided on what. This blog has done quite a lot for me, acquiring new friends, documenting my life, etc. But an added bonus, I’ve gotten better at writing, both in Swedish and English, so for now I think I’ll continue, even though some weeks are pretty hard to write about.