Fragile Allegiance

January 6, 2013

A game that is usually overseen when talking about old classics. It was released back in 1995 by Gremlin Interactive and it takes micromanagement to a whole new level.

I can’t say i remember exactly what year I bought the game, it was probably  somewhere around 1998, but I do remember that I payed 5 Finnish marks for the game, which in today’s economy would be something roughly just under 1€. Me and my older brother used to play it quite a lot back in the days.

Instead of explaining what the game is about I’ll just quote it from wikipedia:

“The game begins on May 25, 2496 as the player begins their employment with TetraCorp (a large interstellar megacorporation) who have set up a new asteroid mining franchise operation in the Fragmented Sectors. There are six alien races competing with Tetracorp for these resources. Beginning with one building and one million credits, the player is tasked with building up a successful mining operation to sell as much ore as possible to the Federation. Diplomacy is crucial to the success or failure of this franchise operation as the players colonies begin to encroach on one another.”

So you might ask why I’ve brought it up? I still play this game, and I’ve been playing on a skirmish which I started a few years ago, against 2 computer enemies, I’ve clocked about 28 hours of game time on this single game save and I haven’t yet managed to wipe out a single enemy.

So if you ever have some time to waste, this gem is the ultimate time killer.