Fjäderholmarna in Stockholm’s archipelago (not really though)

July 13, 2014

We decided we wanted to do something fun this weekend, and Jasper being one of the people who’s always up to something came up with the idea to go visit the small islands of Fjäderholmarna in Stockholm. I want to say it’s in the archipelago, but I believe it’s too close to the city center to actually qualify as being the archipelago.


It takes approximately 20 minutes with boat from “Gamla Stan” in Stockholm to reach the islands of Fjäderholmarna. The ferry boat was pretty packed when we got on, I actually didn’t think we’d all fit inside, but we did.

Once there we had to scout for an hour before we found somewhere to lay down, there were so many people — because it’s a popular summer destination for the people in Stockholm.

Jasper unpacking.

There’s a lot of large vessels trafficking the area.

Finally we found a small spot on the cliffs where we settled down. The view was magnificent and the weather was great. Whilst the other sunbathed I decided to keep my cool and not get too much sun, as a person within the IT industry I need to keep my appearance of being pale and not ever get a tan. (that’s a joke, ha-ha).

But seriously though, I didn’t take off any clothes.

The most important food for Finnish people during the summer.

We also brought a lot of food, most of it being traditional Finnish summer food i.e. sausages, lots and lots of sausages. One of the seagulls on the island snatched a sausage directly from the grill, I have no idea how it did it, the grill was pretty hot.

All in all, we spent like 8 hours on the island, once the sun was going down we went to one of the many bars located on the small island, had a beer whilst waiting for the next ferry to leave the island. We had a great day, though I did get an headache at the end, too much sun and fresh air is not good for you.

Ice cream deluxe


Earlier in the week Paulina had found a small ice cream shop located really near to where we live. So we decided to visit them. I’m a sucker for “mjukglass” (soft ice cream), but sadly they were all out, they did however have “saftglass” (ice cream made of juice) which is my second favourite. The place had a large variety of different flavours, so I let Paulina decide what I should have.


I got a weird blend of something berries and another fruit (I honestly can’t remember anymore), but nonetheless, it was nice.

No mjukglass, but I was happy either way.

Flying mirrors

So the other day I was shooting some pictures at work with my Canon 5D. I shot off a few shots and then when I took the next one I noticed a slight delay in the shutter, and the delay happened again the next shot, and the camera sounded a bit weird. The last shoot ended with the viewfinder being pitch black, like the mirror had been locked, and that’s when I got an error message. I tried to remove the lens, and what I saw was a bit shocking, the mirror had fallen off and lay flat against the lens.

My first reaction was, fuck, camera is broken and I’ve only had it for a few weeks, but then I remebered reading about this issue, apparently Canon had issued a recall on a all Canon 5D’s because of the loose mirror problem. The problem may arise when the air is hot which leads to melting of the glue that holds the mirror in place, Canon fixes this issue no matter what the status of the warranty, so I got it sent to the nearest Canon Service facility free of charge, which is great.

The down-side is that I’m back on my crop 60D, don’t get me wrong, it’s a great camera, but once you get somewhat used to full-frame you really don’t want to go back to a crop sensor. So I’m currently looking into selling off all my crop cameras and just keeping the full-frame gear (and maybe buy a Canon 5D Mark II).

Ever wondered what an image looks like when the mirror is flying off? Search no more, because I have just the right picture for it!

The last picture taken with my Canon 5D, when the mirror has just flown off.