First snow, in an otherwise uneventful week

November 9, 2014

Let me start off by saying that I’ve had a pretty uneventful week, not a boring week, but just uneventful.

We finally had some snow, never mind that it melted as it hit the ground, but we did indeed get some. Regular readers will know that I love the first snowfall, and pretty much look forward to it from July and onwards. Usually, when the first snow comes, it also sticks — at least for a day, but no such luck this year as the air temperature was around 1 to 3 degrees Celsius.

A typical late autumn Sunday evening in the dark north

Palmyra — the place for huge portions of food

In other news, I’ve finally visited the famous pizzeria Palmyra, which is located only a few stations from where I live. Palmyra is known for huge portions of kebab, and I was told that there would be no chance that I’d be able to eat it all. I want to stress the detail that I really don’t care much for food, but I hate being hungry and love being full — and that pretty much sums up my relationship with food. Anyway, Calle agreed to join me on this adventure, and I met up with him on Saturday outside Palmyra. I had initially thought that this would be another shabby pizza-place, but it was actually quite clean, and they even had an automated kebab-slicer, which I’ve never seen before. You could also tell this was a popular place, the restaurant was quite big, and pretty much full, but we were able to get a table.

And just as promised, the portions were huge, if you take a regular pizza plate, and filled it with french fries and kebab, you’d get a Palmyra sized portion. I can honestly say that I whole heartedly recommend it. And yes, I did empty my plate (except for the salad, I don’t eat garnish).


This week at work, Bo mentioned that he wanted to buy a telescope. This piqued my interest quite a lot. Remember that one lens I bought a while ago? The Sigma FD 600mm Telemirror lens? Who am I kidding, of course you remember! One of the reason I got that lens was to be able to shoot the moon with better clarity, so obviously, hooking up the camera to a telescope has to be a fun thing.

I spent a few evenings researching telescopes, mounts, etc. I came to the conclusion that yes, telescopes is a science in it self. There’s a lot of information to take in, and the price scale of telescopes is from really cheap to god awful expensive (or rather, from the price of a pair of shoes to a mid-size car).

Observatory on Observatorielunden in Norrmalm

Before pulling the trigger I wanted to have some more hands-on experience. Bo had found a non-profit organization called “STAR — Stockholms Amat√∂rastronomer” (Stockholm’s amateur astronomers), and they’re having a meet-up this next Monday at the observatory in Norrmalm.

I identify neon-signs as a typical Stockholm thing. This sign was found on a street kitchen just outside the observatory. It directly translates to “Observatory grill”

We sent them an email asking if we could come watch, they responded with a simple “No”. Apparently when they have a meet-up at the observatory a lot of members show up, and they don’t want to waste space on non-members. The next logical step was to check out how to become a member in this group. Apparently 150 SEK annually, and if you pay in the time period Oct-Dec, you get the next year for free. This was a no-brainer, so I’m now a member in the STAR group.

And I’m totally wishing for clear skies next Monday.