First 24 hours

July 30, 2012

Well, I’ve just spent my first 24 hours in Sweden’s capital city Stockholm. Yesterday, when I flew in from Vasa it really felt sad leaving everybody behind, and later that same evening it was really nerve-wrecking not having anybody to talk with. I did take a small walk through Södermalm, went to my new workplace, scouting out the most optimal route to get there by foot (although I’ll probably be going with the subway system when I start). And then I took an early night and went to sleep.

This morning I woke up semi-early, I had to find the Swedish Tax Agency which is located somewhere in the vicinity of T-centralen. With a little luck, and my phone, I found it, eventually (Ran across Sergelstorg atleast three times).
Monday seems to be a good day to go to the tax agency, considering I only had to wait for about 30 minutes before I could apply for a Swedish social security number (Which is needed if I intend to work here, get a bank account etc.) .
They told me that because I’m a Finnish citizen, the wait for the SSN would be shortened, and it’ll probably show up on my doorstep within 2 weeks.

And now all my “Official” things that I need to get done, are done, except applying for a bank account, but I can’t do that before I have my SSN.
Standing outside the tax agency, I contemplated on using the subway system to get back home. But opted to walk instead. Walking from Sergelstorg to Hornstull (Taking an alternative/longer route through Medborgarplatsen) is about 5 km, which was well worth the effort. Got to see lots of things (ate at burger king, people back home will understand), and found a sci-fi shop in the old town (Gamla stan), which is now the first (non seven-eleven) shop I’ve went to since moving to Stockholm.

And now for some random pictures 🙂