Fat Tuesday

March 8, 2014

The traditional Fat Tuesday has passed, a weird tradition where everybody’s eating buns with whipped cream slapped inside it.
I actually don’t why you eat it, but I do know that I love them. Sadly, Stockholm is all about being fit and hip, which means all the buns I’ve eaten so far are disguised low-fat and almost no sugar versions. Kind of wish that I’d been in Vasa where you can actually get a hold of sugar-bombed buns. I mean, seriously, what’s the point of eating something sweet if it isn’t sweet?

Anyway, the traditional bun seems to be something you only eat in the Nordic countries, and I’ve found this video about a Swedish cafĂ© in New York that serves them.


This week’s been kind of rough, though I can’t pinpoint why. When Friday was finally upon us, I went to bed at 7 PM and woke up 7 AM Saturday morning. I had a really hard time getting up both Thursday and Friday morning, felt like I wanted to sleep through the day. Though I was pretty much fully charged after my first cup of coffee. Maybe I need more sunlight?



Work-wise it’s been a great week, I’ve gotten to work on a project that I’ve been looking forward to. As usual, I don’t think I’m allowed to say what project (Or rather, I don’t think I’m not allowed to, but I’d rather be safe than sorry), but the technologies being used is AngularJS and PhoneGap. I was a bit worried performance wise; Angular has a tendency to be on the heavy side when showing lots of data, but after I got going I feel like I’ve tackled most of the issues before they got out of hand.

This also one of the first projects that I’ve used PhoneGap. So far I’ve only tried the cloud-compiler, which has worked great, but I think I’ll try the local version instead seeing as you can manipulate the app in other ways that doesn’t seem to be possible in the cloud version.

Summer Vacation

We were notified this week that we need to send in our summer vacation requests before the end of March. So far I’ve come up with only one date.
Last year I requested two days, it was revised by my team leader and extended to two weeks because two days were deemed not enough.

It’s not really that I dislike vacation, I, just like anyone else, do need the downtime, it’s just that I have trouble knowing what to do when I’m not at work, which is why I have a hard time coming up with dates.


And to be really honest, I like working during the summer, I’d rather spend my summer days in a chilled office building than sitting outside sweating my ass off.
One of the biggest upsides working through the summer months is the subway. During the colder part of the year the subway is swamped with people, you can consider yourself lucky if you even get something to hold onto when you get in to the car.
During the summer months the subway cars are usually empty, giving you a lot of room and a lot less of stress when going to and from work (which is the worst part during any given day).