DreamHack Stockholm 2014

September 27, 2014

DreamHack, one of the largest LAN parties globally — but that’s DreamHack Winter which is hosted in Jönköping, there’s also a DreamHack Summer, and I once visited DreamHack Skellefteå up north, the Stockholm version isn’t actually a LAN party, but more of an arena for eSports.

I had wanted to visit the Stockholm version for some time, and then Bazooka decided to treat the tech-team (developers, etc.) for a day out, so all of us headed out to Globen.

The entrance to DreamHack Stockholm 2014

As we got through the entrance we received a wristband, and then we had to queue up for a secondary wristband that were given out to everybody over 18 (they had beer stands, and it’s easier to know who is of age if they have wristbands instead of checking the ID on everybody multiple times).

The main hall — this is where the Ice Hockey rink is usually located.

After getting our wristbands we started to navigate ourselves around Globen. Our official reason to visit was to watch a couple of talks on game development, but we couldn’t find where they were held. We tried to ask around — really anyone with a “Crew” t-shirt, but nobody had any idea what we were talking about.

DreamHack Gear

So we gave up on the idea of finding the conference part. Instead we visited the Expo in the Globen Annex.

The Expo which was located in the Annex

The Expo hosted some smaller gaming projects made by students from the different universities around Sweden. It also hosted a few tournaments for Hearthstone, World of Warcraft and of course, the one and only, StarCraft.

The bar was located on the right side of the main stage.

After we were done looking through the Expo, we decided it was time to find the beer-area, and just like the conference, we had some real issues trying to find it. Again, we turned to the Crew, and they were all but helpful, no one had any idea about any bar located on the premises, but we kept looking, figuring that they wouldn’t hand out k18 wristbands for no reason.

We finally found it down at the main stage.

Mainstage, close up.

Our tickets were actually not on the main floor, but seeing as the bar was located there, and the place was anything but packed, we decided to set up camp down there.

Some random gamer

The main event of DreamHack Stockholm was the HyperX sponsored tournament in CS:GO.

Tournament in action.

We didn’t stick around for the whole tournament, but we did see a couple of matches between Fnatic and Titan. All in all we walked around Globen for a couple of hours, and then headed off to a nearby restaurant located in Tele2 Arenan.