Deep Winter

October 2, 2012

The server is alive and online. And based on the title of this post, I’m going to assume you’ve figured out what I have named it, so here’s the back story.

Deep Winter was the Artificial intelligence (A.I.) assigned to the survey team on planet Onyx, Zone 67. He took the form of an old man with a snowy cape that blew snowflakes and ice as it “moved”.

There’s a long standing tradition by server admins to name the servers after characters/casts from popular tv-shows/series, games, books. Eg., at one place that I worked, they used the Futurama cast as the source for their server names.
I’ve always used references from Halo, usually planets and spaceships (God this sounds weird writing it down). Anyway, I chose Deep Winter, because it was an old AI that later on got replaced with a newer version, Endless Summer, which will probably be the name of my next server that will replace this one.

This server will host a lot of my personal projects, some that I share with others and some that I use for myself.
I registered the domain, knowingly that I wouldn’t really use the top-domain for anything in particular.

Carlos had promised me a logo design, if I’d ever need one, a few weeks ago. Took him practically no time before he got back with a first draft (Plus a logo for, which I’ll try and incorporate later on). What I told him I needed was a halo:ish logo, that works in a single color, and have some kind of snowflake-like look. And I do think he nailed it!

It was also Carlos’s idea to have a logo that will change depending on the server load. So I built the landing page, that uses ajax, to check what kind of state the server is in. Then updates the subtitle, changes the logo and changes the speed of the wheel that spins depending on the answer from the server. There are three kinds of states, idle, normal and stressed. (This only works in modern non-IE browsers).