Complete whiteout

January 24, 2016

So, not much going on, still playing minecraft. In other words, here’s a collection of pictures from the last week. Or rather, all pictures are from today. When I woke up this morning, a wonderful snow storm was over Helsinki, which meant I had to take a couple of hours off the computer and go out and enjoy.

When editing the pictures, a quote kept ringing in my head from Karl Pilkington, which I had heard earlier in the week.

“What’s the point of havin’ this programme in HD, it’s a waste of time being in colour, it’s givin’ me a headache.”

Karl Pilkington at Point Barrow (An idiot abroad S02E04 – Whale watching)

Girl out walking with her dogs, on the ice.

Entrance to The void.

Winter wonderland.

Group of people venturing out.

How one of Helsinki’s harbors look like during a snow storm.