Comic-con Gamex 2014

November 1, 2014

Sooo, Comic-con, in Stockholm. I actually thought it had been last weekend, when I was in Åland, but apparently I was wrong.

I met up with Calle and his (5-year old?) son Adrian at a nearby McDonalds. I ate some food and had a coffee. Calle asked Adrian if he needed to visit the bathroom before we went. Adrian responded with a clear “No”. Calle said he “insisted” (actual word, or actual word in Swedish, but you get the point). I laughed at the absurdness of saying “insist” to a child.

As soon as we left McDonalds, I started to feel that I should’ve visited the bathroom too. I started to think about it more and more. And half way on our way to Kista (the place where Comic-con was held), I had to get off the train to take a leak. Later, on our way back, Adrian asked me why I didn’t visit the bathroom at McD, I answered, “I guess I’m irresponsible :(“. I got bested by a five year-old.

Anyway, Comic-con Stockholm, previously known as simply GameX — it used to be a gaming convention, but they wanted to switch focus, this is as far as I know the first comic-con in Sweden, but they’ve still left a lot of gaming. I really didn’t know what to expect, or rather, I knew I was going to see a lot of kids high on energy drinks, but that’s about it.

The reason why I wanted to visit the convention was obviously to do some photography, and mostly cosplay.

Under-exposed and out of focus, see what I’m working with?

As soon as I got in, I knew this was going to be a problem, they had dimmed the light down so low it was basically completely dark, with only some light straying from the different booths. I didn’t bring a flash, because I had obviously thought that they would’ve had a well lit area for the cosplay.

Kids fighting for balloons, in DARKNESS!

There were lots of people, enough to drown a small pony (what?). As we entered the main expo-room, me and Calle talked about how we should do this, if we should try to keep together, or just go our own way. Before the discussion could end, I had already lost them. I found them — or rather, they found me, a couple of hours later. I had actually thought that they’d left a long time ago. Seeing as there were a lot of people, and having a small child around, at least as far as I could guess, could prove difficult.



I withdrew money before going to Kistamässan, I had planned to buy some new t-shirts or some other useless shit stuff. Even as I was going to pay for my entrance, I opted to use my bankcard instead of the cash, in order to have as much as possible once inside.

So what kind of treasures did I buy? Zero, zilch, zip, nada, nothing. There were just too many people to even be able to browse through the merchandise. And it was dark. Did I already say how dark it was? It was dark as hell.

And now my wallet is filled with cash paper.

As mentioned earlier, this convention used to be called Gamex, so naturally some gaming had to occur.




With the new remastered Halo Anniversary edition for Xbox One, a whole new generation will get the chance to fight the covenant on the Halo rings.

Not cosplay per se, but an awesome bumblebee statue



And obviously I had to have a picture of Batman and Harley Quinn for the Bat-crazed Carlos Eriksson (The last picture in the post is key)

So what did I like? Eeh, let’s start from the other end; What did I dislike? The lights, the amount of people and the price. As I’ve talked about the other things, let’s focus on the price. It cost 200 SEK, and I truthfully feel that’s almost 200 SEK too much. The place is filled with paying exhibitors as the main thing and then there are people doing cosplay, for free. So what am I paying for? I actually don’t know.

The good parts? I got a chance to get out. And I’ll probably visit again next year.