Cold front

January 10, 2016

This week has offered exceptional nice weather, thanks to the Siberian winds, the temperature has fallen down to -25°C at its lowest. I’ve been out walking almost every day, racking up about 8 km per day.

There’s something special with walking around in the blistering cold, the air gets really fresh, and there’s usually not a lot of other people moving about.

As the ice was forming, the open water let off steam in to the cold air.

Not to mention that the absolutely prettiest season is winter, especially once the days get a bit longer, i.e. you get some sunlight. January and February are probably the best months of the year.

And generally speaking, I think photos usually come out a lot more better during the winter than the summer, but I guess that’s just my bias with loving winter.

The ship Eira docked at Jätkäsaari

The last year or so I’ve been putting together a good set of outdoor clothing specifically for winter, and now finally I’ve been able to use it. When I’ve been outside, for the most part, I worn the gear, and they’ve worked surprisingly well, the only place that I’ve actually felt the coldness has been my face, I’ve got a neck gaiter, which protects most of the face, but the downside is that I look like a robber.

I guess my biggest mistake with the choices of clothes is the color scheme, everything is black, which means I’m anything but visible when it gets dark, I would’ve wanted to get a red jacket when I bought it, but they didn’t have any in store at the time, so I went with a black one.


At the end of the week, the air started warming up again, and on Friday the temperature hard risen to -10°C and it’s practically snowed all weekend.

Paulina’s been having a light cold all week, and I’ve, thankfully, been unaffected by it, but then when I woke up on Saturday I felt a bit off, and then on the evening I started to develop a fever. I had fever chills throughout the whole night, and so, I decided to stay in all Sunday, in hopes of getting better ’til Monday.

Heavy downfall during Saturday evening.

It really sucked sitting inside all day long, mostly because it kept snowing all of Sunday, and I just wanted to go out.

Stockholm Origami

Ever since I first saw Lisa’s origami I’ve been really fascinated by it, she’s been uploading a lot of her work to her instagram account. Last fall I noticed that she had started selling her origami spheres on different christmas markets in Stockholm, but since I don’t live in Stockholm anymore, I wasn’t able to buy them, so I did the next best thing, I pestered her husband Calle about sending a set my way.

And then finally, she opened up a web shop where you can buy her work: Stockholm Origami.

I ordered almost as soon as I could, and after a couple of days, a package arrived.


I had ordered the coal-black version, which are just awesome, it’s crazy how photogenic they are, the structure of the paper and the folds is just amazing. You can really tell that she’s put in a lot of effort to make each sphere perfect.

If you look through the instagram account Stockholm Origami you can see some of her other work, the lamp shades for example are just spectacular, I’m really hoping she’ll start selling those as well.


If you like origami, you should seriously look into ordering some of Lisa’s work, not only are they perfect as decoration pieces, but I’m betting they’d make awesome gifts as well.

Icebreaker Polaris

I got up early Wednesday morning, even though it was a bank holiday. I wanted to get out and catch the morning light, and I wanted to see the icebreaker Polaris at the harbor.

I’ve read about Polaris a couple of weeks back, but the boat has been located inside of the shipyard, so I haven’t cared about going to look at it. The boat’s been built here in Helsinki the last couple of years, here’s a quote from wikipedia.

She will be the most powerful icebreaker ever to fly the Finnish flag and the first icebreaker in the world to feature an environmentally friendly dual-fuel engines.

The Helsinki shipyard is about 4km from where I live, so I started walking right before sun rise, the temperature was around -22°C, the street were almost completely void of people.


I had a secondary reason for going to photograph the icebreaker, I had noticed that the Wikipedia page didn’t have any pictures of the new boat, only digital renders, and so I wanted to get a picture that I could release to Wikipedia.

When I had decided on what picture I wanted to release, I tried going through all of the content on how to upload/release pictures on Wikipedia, needless to say, they’ve got a lot of text, most of which is really boring to read through. I don’t think I was able to read through it all, but instead I just created an account, uploaded the image and linked it to the wiki page.

At first I had asked Kim if he could upload it, sparing me from having to register an account etc. but apparently, if a user wants to upload another person’s work, the second party needs to send an email to Wikipedia stating that the first person and Wikipedia’s got the rights to use the image. In other words, it’s a lot more work to have another person upload ones work.


Anyway, I’m happy that I’ve gotten to upload something to Wikipedia, I’ve wanted to do it previously, but it’s not that often that you find something suitable to upload.

Helsinki Lux


Helsinki Lux, a light festival, and a festival that I haven’t ever heard about before.

To be completely honest, I had no idea on what to expect, I asked around the office, and I got a reply akin to “don’t expect too much”. Nonetheless, I wanted to see what all the fuzz was about. There’s been signs advertising the festival for weeks now, so it felt like it had to be good.


And after walking through all of the installations, I have to agree, there wasn’t really anything that was worthwhile. I mean, most of these installations were pretty static, and if I didn’t know about this being a festival, I would’ve just assumed that it was party of the everyday city lightning.

The Helsinki Old Church was lit up.

The only part that was out of the ordinary was the old church park, which was completely lit with different colors. It might have been me, but I couldn’t really tell if there was a system on how the lightning was setup, or if it was completely random, because mostly, from what I could see, they had basically jut dumped a couple of spotlights on each tree in the park.


I’m pretty sure I’m the one who misunderstood something though. I had made the bad decision not to put on proper clothing when I went to see the festival, I had figured that since it’s in the city, and I’ll probably move through stores/malls whilst being there, I’d easily overheat, so I decided not to wear my usual gear.

That was a really big mistake, even though it was relatively warm, at -10°C, my legs were freezing like crazy. No wonder I got a fever later in the evening.

All in all, it’s been a wonderful week, though the end was a bit disappointing.