Canon EOS 60D

June 21, 2011

Trying to cut together a short clip with exclusively time lapse footage doesn’t really make an interesting sequence. What I really need is some “real time” footage, I’ve looked at cheap solutions, but most of them give only bad quality 720p or really bad 1080p. And know that I’ve gotten accustomed to the luxury of interchangeable lenses, I knew I wanted to continue with the DSLR path. First and for most, I really regret going with the 1000D from the beginning, not that it has been a bad camera, it’s been a far more advanced camera than my photography skills, and it still is. But the biggest miss with the 1000D was it not having video-recording capabilities. In my defense though, I didn’t know when I bought it if time lapse would actually become something worthwhile.

Anyway, at first I was glancing at the Canon EOS 550D, because of its low price and good video capabilities.

But after cheaping out with the 1000D, I took the plunge and bought a Canon EOS 60D instead.

Even though I promised my brother that I would look for a Nikon as my next camera, I didn’t feel like selling the lenses I’ve already acquired for Canon mounts. I didn’t sell my 1000D because the second hand price is probably too low to even consider and secondly I still need it for the time lapses.