B&W International outdoor.cases Type 67

February 4, 2015

When I moved to Sweden I didn’t bring a lot of gear with me. It was my canon 60d and a couple of lenses. After living in Stockholm for a few years, with an excellent second-hand market, I’ve acquired more gear than I really need.

Some of my gear

As I’m going to move to Finland my initial thought was to just divide up the gear into different bags, and then try to remember not to place anything on said bags. Obviously there’s some risk involved, losing a bag, crushing the contents of a bag, etc. But the upside was that I wouldn’t need to spend any money. I have earlier looked at buying a Pelican case, but these can be quite expensive, there are cheaper alternatives, but I couldn’t find any shop in Stockholm that had them in stock, and I would want to see it before I buy it.

Bunch of lenses

Anyway, after looking out for a case on blocket, I finally had some luck, I found a B&W International Outdoor.cases Type 67, going for about 1500sek. I jumped on it as soon as I found it.

B&W International Outdoor.Cases P67 Closed

I met up with the seller in Finntorp of all places (directly translated to “Finn croft”, a place just outside of Stockholm). The case was pretty big, and sported wheels and a handlebar. It was so big that it could easily take all my lenses, with room to grow. And luckily it didn’t have foam but instead the more versatile divider inset.

The only thing I’d change is the color. Black is boring, and seeing as the divider’s are also black, losing things will be easier. For example, the brand Kata uses yellow for their interior color, and that’s because most gear is black, and anything black will stick out like a sore thumb if it’s dropped in something yellow.

B&W International Outdoor.Cases P67 Size
Sigma 70-200mm f/2.8 and two gripped Canon bodies.

Even thought the case looks like it’s packed, it’s only because I’m wasting some space with the smaller lenses, and as I keep getting more gear, I’ll have to start removing the cheaper gear that I don’t use on a regular basis.

B&W International Outdoor.Cases P67 Contents

I also see myself using this bag for non-flight trips, i.e. where I have a car. The case is far too big to bring as a carry on for flights (I could check it in, but I wouldn’t want to).

B&W International Outdoor.Cases P67 Open

Anyway, the case is more than enough for moving my gear to another country. And I won’t have to worry about stacking stuff on the case, nor losing any equipment, which was the whole point. Once in my new apartment, the case will be my main storage for the lenses that I seldomly use.