Buying clothes online

May 20, 2013

A few weeks ago I wrote about a t-shirt that I had ordered from Qwertee. And seeing as this was the first time I’ve ordered clothing online, I thought I’d write about my experience.

Qwertee offers really cheap t-shirts, it was super easy to order and the shipping time was as advertised. I live in Stockholm (so within Europe) and they said that it would take 4 days to print the shirt and an additional 5-20 days for shipping. I placed my order on the 9th of May and received my shirt the 20th, so it took about 11 days, well within the advertised time frame.

Qwertee packaging

Another thing that I liked was the packaging. A small black plastic envelope with a somewhat funny postal-sticker. The great thing about it was that it fits through a standard mail slot.
The print on the shirt seems to be of a somewhat high quality (though I’m certainly not an expert), but comparing it to other t-shirts I’d say it’s well worth the price. Though the t-shirt itself doesn’t seem to be of any higher quality fabric, to be perfectly honest, it feels a bit too thin. But then again, for the price that they sells this shirt for, I’m not that surprised.

Qwertee T-shirt

What made me buy this t-shirt, besides the print, was qwertee’s excellent way of describing the sizes of the shirts. Especially the part where they advised you to measure you’re favorite t-shirt and buy accordingly. The way one should measure was laid out in a perfectly easy-to-understand way, height and width.

Qwertee size chart

So I fetched, not my favourite t-shirt, but one that I really feel comfortable in, and then I took out the ruler. I’m quite thin, so I figured I’d go for the Medium size, because the length on the shirt that I measured is alright, but it is a bit loose.

Measured size (HxW)Ordered size (HxW)Received size (HxW)
70cm x 55.5cm71cm x 51cm69cm x 48cm

Sadly, the medium size that I received is a bit too tight, and they’ve written out that the shirt might shrink an additional 3cm on both lengths. So in retrospect, I really should’ve gone for a large size instead. But hey, for the price I paid, I’m still a happy customer, and the next time I buy something from Qwertee, I’ll jump up a size. And to be fair, they’ve clearly stated that if in doubt, go larger.

Qwertee t-shirt comparison