Building blocks

January 17, 2016

Some weeks start off worse than others. I was sick most of the beginning of the week, having a fever and the common cold, but you know what was the worst thing, that as I was sitting inside trying to get better, the most marvelous snow was coming down. I would’ve loved getting out to take some pictures, but sadly, I couldn’t.


Later in the week, once I was better, I started playing Minecraft. After a couple of weeks watching Johan play Ark: Survival Evolved, we decided that we should play something that might run on my computer, and Minecraft is probably the most similar to Ark that came to mind.

My first impression of the game was kind of indifferent, but after giving it a go for an hour or two, I was pretty hooked, and that’s basically how I spent my Thursday evening on onward, just playing Minecraft.

Whilst other people are enjoying the weather, I’m inside playing computer games.

Before I even installed the game, I had set up a private server on Digital Ocean, I went with the $5-per-month plan, which is a single core and 512mb RAM, not a beefy machine by any means, but I figured it should be able to host two people, and to be a bit on the safe side, I added a 2GB swap file. It worked okay:ish, but it did have some hiccups, and only once did it crash completely.

I didn’t want to jump up two a more expensive tier, so instead I moved the server over to one of my physical servers located in Stockholm, quad Xeon should be able to run the game, don’t you think?

Winter mirage

Remember when I told you that Paulina had gotten her driver’s license? Well this weekend she went with Herman to Turku to borrow her sister’s car, and so Paulina got to go on her first roadtrip, driving the car down to Helsinki.

Once they got in to town, they needed to get Herman to his apartment, and since this was the first time Paulina’s driven a car since the exam, she didn’t want to drive alone. So they picked me up before driving Herman home.

The ride was really smooth, and Paulina was driving really well.


Anyway, let’s keep the post a bit short this week shall we, I’ve got a game to get back to.