Black and White – Realization

July 6, 2011

Yesterday I was out shooting with Linus, a close friend. The video/clip/movie will be called black and white and it’ll be, suprise, a black and white film where reflections play a small role.

Anyway, when I was importing and editing the raw source material I really noticed how much my material lack good composition, everything just feels bland, the solution to this problem should be, less blind chasing after technical things like gear and lenses and instead shooting more with what I’ve got, the only problem is that shooting a time lapse usually consumes a few hours of shooting and then a few hours post production before the final product is done which is a tad too long just to see if a scene works out or not. So I’ll “try” to take a small pause from all this time lapse madness and try to shoot some stills instead.