Became a full-blown uncle

June 29, 2014

This week I became a full-blown uncle. You might wonder why I use the word full-blown? Well, I have a step sister who’s got children, some of which are even older than me, so in that sense, I was born to be an uncle, this week however, my sister (not my step-sister, the other one, the one I share both parents with) got her first child, meaning that I’ve been upgraded from being a half-uncle to a full-uncle, makes sense yes?

Have a picture of a baby, I’ve heard everybody loves pictures of babies on the internet!

Anyway, I’m really thrilled for her sake and I’m trying to get a few days off during July so I can fly to Vasa and visit them. I’ve sent in an application asking for a short holiday, once it’s approved I’ll book some tickets.


Paulina’s mom came over for short visit this week, was really nice seeing her, we went out for dinner and had a good time. Upon leaving she took Paulina with her to Vasa, which means I’ve had a pretty calm weekend all by myself (queue the song All by myself by Eric Carmen).

New lens, nothing to shoot


Other than that, I picked up a new lens yesterday, found a relatively cheap, used Canon EF 20-35mm f/3.5-4.5 USM on blocket. This lens is an interesting lens because, one, it was discontinued back in ’07 and two, because it’s a lens that a lot of people dismiss. I tried my best finding reviews about the lens, but most reviews either hailed it as a great lens or then they called it a bad lens, so really no middle-point, which piqued my interest. And because there’s so few reviews on the lens, I’ll probably try and post one as soon as I’ve gotten to actually use it.

The weather’s been so bad that as of yet, I’ve only tested it, not actually shot anything of interest. And that’s also why the top image is a totally unrelated image shot back in 2012 in Vasa from the archives, lets just say that it symbolizes the fact that I’ve got a new nephew, a sunrise if you will, the start of a new chapter (even though the image is actually a picture of a sunset).

Eating kebab

Some of the guys at work have talked about this one place, outside of Södermalm, that serves the largest portions of kebab ever. I believe they’ve talked about this mystical kebab-restaurant ever since I started working at Bazooka, but they’ve never actually taken me there. So this Friday, when Anders had his car with him, we decided to go try this unicorn-like-kebab-place.


Once there, they were closed, apparently, they don’t work during Friday’s, which is a bit strange, but does build on the mythical-theme thingy. Being hungry, we had to settle for the next best thing, a “pizza in the hoods”. The closest pizzeria was just around the corner, and rumour has it that the building’s basement is filled with rats, sadly, I cannot verify this fact, solely because I didn’t visit the basement. However the pizza was as good as pizza gets in Sweden (i.e. if you want good pizza, go to Finland and try out KotiPizza).