Bazooka after-work using NFC

September 1, 2013

Bazooka regularly hosts private and public after work parties. We hosted one of these this Friday, though we added a little twist to how it usually works. Instead of getting drink-tickets, all the guests that arrived were given a small plastic bazooka branded card. You needed to register your card at the entrance, all you had to do was place the card on one of our custom made NFC terminals and decide if you wanted to register with your facebook account or just use your name, once registered, the card was filled with 5 drink tickets.


Drink display

It would’ve been a bit lame if the only thing you could do with the card was to order drinks. So of course we built out the idea. As most people can agree, something that usually comes up as a problem at a party is the chosen music. More often then not, a group of a select few decide to hog the computer that plays the music, and only add stuff that they themselves like. To tackle this problem, we built a small app for Spotify that communicates with our NFC platform. We had an NFC terminal where you could search for music, select a track that you wanted to hear, and then place your NFC card on the terminal to enqueue that track to the party playlist. To prevent possible spammage, we added a 5 minute cool-down for every user, which meant you could only add tracks every five minutes.

Choose a song

In essence, this was a great idea, and worked flawlessly, except for one mischievous user. This user registered the track Rick Astley – Never gonna give you up every time he got the chance. And without seeing the statistics, I’m pretty sure the song was played over 10 times during this party, and I can bet that it was easily the most played song. We had foreseen that a problem like this might occur, so luckily there was a built-in spam checker that checks that the same track can’t be played directly after each other. Sadly, this system was circumvented because Spotify offers different versions of the same track, which meant that Rick Astley could come up three times in a row.


All in all, the party was, at least on my account, a success. We had a lot of guests, and we had a great time. Hopefully it won’t take as long until the next Bazooka AW. I’m personally not an Instagram user, but I believe that the tag used during this party was #bazdigital. So go check it out!

And finally, being the transparent and honest person that I am, I feel I should confess that the spamming Rick Astley user was of course, me.