Back in business

January 12, 2013

Well that week flew by fast. This week has been packed, haven’t had really any time to take breather. Last Saturday I went to sleep around 8AM Sunday morning, flew to Stockholm at 10PM at the evening, sleep deprived, yet not tired, I managed to go to sleep at around 2AM Monday morning and since then I’ve tried as hard as I can to get some quality sleep, yet not really managed.

One of the things I find interesting with flying these short-distance planes is the traveling to and from the airport. The flight duration between Vasa and Arlanda is about an hour, give or take. But the time it takes to get to the airport, waiting for security and boarding and getting home from the airport took maybe about 2 or 3 hours. Though it still beats the roughly 15 hour trip by boat and car.

Back in Stockholm

The first thing I noticed when I got back to Stockholm is the weather. When I left two weeks ago (well now it’s three weeks) there were a lot of snow here, not that cold, but really, a lot of snow. In Vaasa, one can expect lots of snow, and cold weather, which it was. But when I got back here, almost all the snow was gone. All the streets were clear asphalt and people were walking about like it was still fall.


I got an email last Friday about us, the technical team at bazooka, were going to hold a small internal hackathon during Monday afternoon. We were split into two teams, and both teams were supposed to build an web-app that communicated with a server that users could interact with through NFC-chips. Sadly, our team lost, the other team had a full working prototype when the time was up while we were still developing the user interface. But to our defense, we did take the task at hand a bit too seriously. We all started at multiple places developing interfaces against facebook and looking at how to app should work in production mode. The other team, though they did do a great job, looked more at the basic functionality of the app.

I started off actually not working on our teams product, I worked with another guy, building an app for the NFC-chip registration station (This probably doesn’t make sense out-of-context). So I spent almost all of my battery power (I didn’t bring a charger) on a javascript interface for the webcam, where you can stream video from the webcam as well as taking pictures and uploading them to the server as base64 data. And when I was done, I had to play backseat developer with the other guys who did bring a charger.

New dog at bazooka

As a side note, when were still on the bazooka subject. We got to meet a new dog at the office this last Thursday. Jakob had brought his Alaskan Malamute, Loke, to the office. Now some might think that the office is no place to have dogs, but I really enjoy it when people bring their pets to the office. Not only are they a relaxing break from work, they also boost morale, lowers stress and they make the whole environment a bit more friendly.

Bazooka has, atleast to my understanding, always had an open attitude against pets in the office. We have two other dogs that are regularly at the office, Charlie and Fröj. (Though I don’t have any pictures of them)

And to end this week

Deep Winter celebrated a 100 days of uptime!