Autumn is coming

September 22, 2012

It’s getting colder and darker in the northern hemisphere. Usually I really like the cold winter weather, but this year, we didn’t really get a good, warm summer. Instead it’s been a summer of rain and coldness. So I’d rather see a few more weeks of sunshine before the sun, inevitably, disappears for a few months.

Enough of the philosophical nonsense. This past week has flown by in an incredible pace. Thinking back, I can’t really remember everything I’ve done, but some things stuck out more then others.

On Thursday, we, Paulina, me and a few other fellow Finnish-Swedes, went out to a bar called Southside which is just beside the subway station Zinkensdamm. Every Thursday they have an event called Quiz-night, where you form a team (per table I believe). One of the bartenders then take the stage where he sits down and asks random questions about random things, you then scribble down your answer on a piece of paper. By every ten(?) questions, they have a bonus round, the bonus round differs in the way you answer, instead of writing down the question on the “main” paper, you write down your name and the answer on small pieces of paper which they then collect and proceed to draw one at a time and read out aloud. If your name comes up, and you wrote the correct answer, you get to collect a free drink from the bar.
When all the questions have been answered, they collect the papers and correct them, and if you answered all the questions correctly, you get to win something. The place was really crowded and we sat like 9 people around a 4 person table, so once they collected our sheet, me and Paulina left.
Though we did book a table for next weeks round, with a little luck we’ll get a larger one.

And then came Friday, we had an after-work party at bazooka, and families were allowed to attend. So I finally got a chance to show Paulina what an awesome workplace bazooka is and also introduce her to my fellow Bazookians.
The Bazooka office is basically one floor of a semi-large, restored, factory building. The office is split in two wings, a western and an eastern one.
The western wing is where all our tables are (I’d like to use the word cubicles, but we work in an open space environment). The eastern wing is where we have two conference rooms, the serveroom, a ping-pong table, a small bar, some couches and an old arcade gaming machine.

Today, Saturday, I woke up at about 10 AM, ate breakfast with Paulina and Cecilia. At around noon I went out to an Espresso House which I had visited when I had just moved here. It’s a small coffee house on Regeringsgatan, near Gallerian at Sergelstorg.
The place lacks both good coffee and cleanliness, but instead offers relatively fast internet and mostly, peace and quiet. I sat there for maybe two hours coding a script that parses blogspot backup files. I had earlier in the week promised Carlos that I’d help him out, and I’m always up for a quick-and-dirty project which doesn’t consume too much time.