Autumn barbecue

August 24, 2014

Paulina, Sandra and I were invited to dinner by Agnes and Leo — barbecue, the food of legends. Their apartment was out in Älvsjö, never visited the place before, but I guess there’s a first time for everything, right?


Whilst we were sitting in their garden, waiting for the food, I took the chance to get to know Leo’s and Agnes’ pets, a cat named Puma, and a dog (of which I can’t recollect the name of). They were both very calm and proved excellent models.

A cat named Puma

And a dog called, erm, eh, doggie?

Trying not to be all too rude, I put away the camera for the rest of the evening. We had a great time, and the food was delicious.

#34 Haga slottsgrund

100 balla ställen i Stockholm

Number 34 from the book “100 balla ställen i Stockholm” (A 100 Cool places in Stockholm) by Valle Westesson is Haga slottsgrund (Swedish Wikipedia), the ruins of the incomplete castle from 1786. They started building it by orders from King Gustav III, but it never got complete, because the king got assassinated before it was done.

Anyway, I decided to visit this mythical place in Haga parken. I was going to meet up with Johan and Sofia once I got there. The trip from my suburb Årstdal to Hagaparken was nothing short of a disaster. I took the commuter train to Solna, and then the last stretch would be by bus. Sadly the bus had arrived before its schedule which meant I missed it, so I had to wait 20 minutes for the next one.

I decided to send Johan a text message announcing my late arrival, but my phone was out of money. Anyway, the bus arrived, I got on it, and it turns out that apparently I could’ve walked that same distance in a shorter time than 20 minutes — it took like five minutes.

As i got off the bus I had no idea were I was supposed to go, and with out my phone I couldn’t call Johan to ask for directions, so I just started walking, relying on my own sense of direction (which is surprisingly good). So I found our meeting point, but I couldn’t find Johan and Sofia. There’s a café in the copper-tents (buildings in the middle of the Haga-park), my phone told me that there was a Wifi network, but it was password protected. In order to get the password I had to buy a coffee, so I did; but the wifi-signal was so weak I couldn’t even connect. And that’s, thankfully, when Johan called me — success!

During this short period of time where I was happy about finding my way, god had made up new plans to f-ck me over, and that’s when it started to rain. I’ll be honest, looking at old ruins is a lot more fun when you’re not soaking wet.

We decided to climb down in to the old castle

Center pole of the building — or what’s left of it.

Random room, you’d think the rooms would’ve been bigger

The wine cellar


Raspberries in the wine cellar.

Tvärbanan back in business


Our local tramway, Tvärbanan, was closed down in early July, which meant that we had to walk to the nearest subway station, this didn’t hasn’t been anything but a minor inconvenience, I usually walk anyway. But now as autumn finally has arrived, so has the rain, and thankfully the tramway is back.