June 16, 2011

It’s up and running, my new parts arrived today, it’s always a nice feeling when you can throw out the old garbage that’s taking room in your computer case exchanging, them for some new parts. But I do regret a little bit that I cheaped out and chose the cheapest parts I could find, though the rendering time did improve a lot, 53 minutes down to 19 minutes for a 10 sec clip. And it’s nice to have an almost (performance-wise) identical computer at home as at the office.

While I put in the new parts I decided to make a time lapse of me assembeling the computer, though I did under estimate how fast I can throw in the pieces, so the part where I build is about half the time it took to install and update windows. The interval on the camera was set to 10 seconds, which means it took me 24 minutes to throw out the old pieces and put in the new motherboard, cpu, ram and 2 harddisks, it took 72 minutes for windows to install and update to SP1. (Loosely calculated on 10 second interval and 24 frames per second in the video).

It’s located under Timelapse, or if you’re lazy, use a direct link.