September 17, 2012

As I wrote earlier, I’ve been back home in Vasa to attend my sister’s engagement party. We had a great time and it was fun to meet my family, some of which I haven’t met in ten years.

We flew with Norwegian air, and I have to confess that my expectations were set on a low (Ryan-Air type of low). But to my delight, we flew with a semi-new Boeing 737-800 with on-board wifi, which was really unexpected. Though the total flight time is only 50 minutes to Vasa from Arlanda, I didn’t really use the internet that much. The weather wasn’t that great though, so we did experience some minor turbulence. (Not that I can blame Norwegian Air for that, but Paulina doesn’t really like flying)

Sadly I did “break” my age-old Skull Candy earbuds that Paulina bought for me a few years back. Or rather not broke, but lost one of the cushions on the air plane. Skull Candy might not be the best of all head phones, but seeing as my last ones had outlived a lot of my adventures I felt it was only right to buy a new pair of the same trade. My last ones were plain white, the new ones are all black with an on cable microphone (I believe the old ones where called “Smokin buds” and the new ones are called “ink’d 2”, but dunno).

Everything in Vaasa was about the same as it was when I left it (d’uh). We had a great time with our friends and, dare I say, a little too much Vodka. All in all, I wish the stay could have been longer, so I would have time to spend more quality time with all of my friends. Though, next time I might head out to London to check out the scene there (But probably not next weekend).

Interesting though is that I packed a lot of camera gear with me, but then I didn’t use the camera once (didn’t even unpack it). So maybe next time I’ll just leave it behind. Just wish my phone camera was a lot sharper, less noise and better color reproduction, but then again, that’s why you have a DSLR, right?