Are you home, or are you visiting?

December 29, 2013

I decided early on this year that I wasn’t going to spend too much time in Vasa, I settled for little over a week (last year I spent two weeks). Parts because I wanted to see Stockholm during the new years eve and parts because I didn’t want to be abroad for too long.

When I met up with a dear friend, one of the first questions he asked was “Are you home, or are you visiting?”. I responded without thinking too much about it and answered that I was indeed only visiting.
I moved from Vaasa almost a year and a half ago, in other words, not all that long ago. But it isn’t my home any more, my home is where my server is, in Stockholm.

It’s interesting that almost the second I had stepped out of the air plane on to Finnish ground, it felt like I’d already been there for weeks. The sense that I know everything there is to know about the place, but still it doesn’t feel familiar like it did when I lived there. Not that Vaasa is that important, sure I spent my youth here growing up, but I wasn’t born here, nor is any of my family from this part of the country. If I had to choose a city in Finland that I’d call home, I’d have to go with Hangö (the southern most city in Finland), but when visiting Hangö I get the same feeling as I’ve had here in Vaasa, like everything’s the same, but it still isn’t the same.

Yupp, that’s a chocolate candy bar hanging in the tree. (gotta keep stuff Christmas-y and shit)

One of the things that I really enjoy doing when visiting Finland is to visit the grocery store. It’s strange that even though Finland and Sweden are basically sibling countries they don’t really share the same kind of food. One thing that I really wanted was Tupla, not food per se, but a candy bar that isn’t available in Sweden. It’s quite interesting that a lot of the candy varieties that exist in Sweden are usually also available in Finland, whilst the other way around isn’t true.

Fixing computers


I believe that there’s an unwritten rule stating that if you know anything about computers, you’ll have to help people with them during the holidays. My mom needed more performance, her old Intel quad-core wasn’t cutting it anymore. So earlier this month I sent her a shopping list, and when I arrived to Vasa she had already received all the parts. Interestingly enough she wanted to upgrade her computer by herself, with me only assisting by supervising. Said and done, she changed out the motherboard, CPU and memory with only a little help from me.

The weather

I’m guessing you’ve all been waiting for my weather report, how I’d tell you all that there were lots of snow and that the air was really cold. Sadly, most of the time it was raining, except for two times when we actually got a little snow (though it all melted in the matter of a few hours).