And it’s gone

January 5, 2013

So my first real Finland-vacation is soon over, two weeks has passed since I stepped out of the office on Fiskargatan. In some ways it feels like time has just flown passed, in an incredible speed. On the other hand, I don’t think I’ve ever witness time being so slow.

On Sunday my plane will lift from Vaasa at 10 PM and land again, an hour later, in Stockholm, 10 PM (Gotta love time zones when they work in your favor).

One of the things I hoped to do under my vacation was to play Halo 4, single campaign, but I never really got the time for it, so instead I opted for a quicker, but less good way to witness the game. I watched through all the cut-scenes on Youtube. The game itself isn’t really as important as the back-story, so I felt I could do it without feeling all to ashamed of myself. Though I did play the multiplayer, and it was really good.

Another thing was to get myself a new computer, which I did, but also get a new one for my sister. Her current computer is from the last decade (not kidding). The computer is just short of being antique, having 128mb ram and a “super-fast” 1,2GHz AMD Duron, To fit her needs we got her an HP business class laptop with a port replicator. I honestly can’t remember which model it was, but I remember it was part of the B-class. We were first going to get her a P-class, but it was out of stock so we choose instead the B.

What I still need to do is to celebrate a friend who’s moving away from Vasa, heading as far west as one can in the nordic “mainland”, i.e. Norway (Oslo to be precise). In one way it saddens me that she’ll be leaving, because it means that another friend will be gone from Vasa next time I visit. But then again I’m happy for her and her new adventures. And to be fair, I also left, leaving lots of friends. But the good part of her moving to Oslo is that Norwegian Air flies on a regular-basis between Stockholm and Oslo and the fares are, well, fair.
The way I’m gonna celebrate her is the same way she celebrated us (me and Paulina), buying drinking a bottle of vodka together. The day before I moved we shared a 1L Absolut Vodka, this time around will be a bit more classy and drink a .70L Stolichanya Elit.

So how was Vasa, what has changed since I left? Not much per se. But they sure seem to like building roads around here. You’ll really get shocked Carlos, you really will.