An apartment

October 6, 2012

So finally, after responding to hundreds of ads, we finally found, and got an apartment that we both (Paulina and me) really like. I mentioned last week that the landlords had given us the thumbs up, but Stockholmshem still had to approve the second hand contract.
Well Stockholmshem got back, with a positive response! So it looks like we’re heading one station further down the redline.

We’re haven’t yet signed the contract, so in theory, anything can still change, but we’re hoping to sign it next week.

The apartment, as I’ve already mentioned here, on twitter and on Facebook, is located in Liljeholmen / Årsta. I think it’s technically in Årsta, but it’s a walking distance to the subwaystation Liljeholmen. The apartment is on the top floor in a five story building. There’s two rooms in the apartment, a bedroom and a living room, where as the living room is connected to the kitchen. There’s also a large shower, which will be great seeing as the four previous apartments I’ve rented have always had this extra small showers. And lastly, there’s a quite large balcony connected with the bedroom, though the view is only over the courtyard. The building itself is only a couple of years old, so everything is in mint condition. The neighborhood is a calm and clean looking area, with not much traffic. This is one of the best features, seeing as I when I’m home, I really appreciate peace and quiet.

In other news, today, 6:th of October marks my two month (9 weeks) anniversary as an employee at Bazooka. Which in turn means I’ve now lived in Stockholm for 10 weeks. During these ten weeks I’ve been abroad (Finland or otherwise) 5 times. I think I’ve worked on like 5 or 6 projects at bazooka so far, one of which is a very large one.
Coincidentally, one of my colleagues, turned 40 last week, so today he’s holding a party at the Bazooka office this evening. So there will be 4 things I’ll be celebrating today!