Ambronite – Organic Drinkable Supermeal – Healthy meal replacement

November 21, 2015

A couple of weeks ago, I got a single serving of Ambronite.

I’ve long wanted to try a drinkable meal. Whilst I would’ve preferred Soylent, which is probably the leading brand when it comes to powder food, I’ve also been keeping an eye on Ambronite (though to be honest, mostly because it’s created and manufactured in Finland).

So what is a drinkable meal? Let’s first clear any confusion, drinkable meals are not some kind of diet thing, they are complete meal replacements, you don’t have to replace all your meals, but you can if you want to. Each serving contains 500 calories, and they’ve been engineered to contain all nutrients a person needs.

The biggest difference between Soylent and Ambronite is that Ambronite focuses more on healthy and organic, trying to build up their meal with lots of green stuff.


Now, why I am I so interested in these kinds of meal replacements? Well honestly, it boils down to laziness, I don’t want to spend time in the kitchen, and I don’t want to walk around feeling hungry. The only cooking you need to do in order to prepare this meal, is add water, a recipe I would have a hard time messing up.

I was really happy about trying Ambronite out. I really hoped this would be the solution to all my food problems. Though I wouldn’t replace all of my meals, but I would replace the vast majority.


Anyway, so I decided to try out my single meal this weekend. Since I only had the meal package, not the actual mixer container, I had to improvise a bit, and use a glass water container instead of the plastic jug you get when ordering Ambronite. I do have a couple of plastic bottles laying around, but I also wanted to take pictures of this process, and a sodastream bottle isn’t going to cut it.

The instructions were pretty clear, dump the powder in to your container, followed by two cups of cold water (or 475ml), me, aligned more with science than gut-feeling when it comes to cooking, decided to add exactly 475 ml (which actually is a bit more than 2 cups of water).

The instance I opened the powder bag, I felt this horrible, but faint, smell (not horrible as in a dead rotten body or anything, but a non-pleasant smell). But you know, sometimes something smells bad, but tastes good, so I kept going, wishing, that this would turn out great.

I started shaking the bottle, and I’ll tell you, it was quite hard getting everything to mix even. I couldn’t get it to blend by only shaking, so I whisked it a bit as well. The smell also got a lot stronger when the water was added.


I let the mix sit in the refrigerator for around 10 minutes.

The smell didn’t get any better.

So I poured the, at this point, pretty thick, smoothie-like mixture in to a glass (again, mostly because I needed pictures).

I took a deep breath, and started chugging it down, the taste, like the smell, was anything but good. Whilst the texture of the drink is a bit like a fruit smoothie, the taste is more akin to moss, leaves, and dirt, all mixed with rain water.

Now if you like those kinds of tastes, this’ll be right down your alley, but me, a person who generally only likes potatoes and red meat, this wasn’t good.


I had to really work at it to finish the whole meal. It was in no sense easy. And I was genuinely happy when it was over.

Again, I’m not saying Ambronite is bad, I think it comes down to preferences, I’m just not that in on the whole eat-healthy-weird-green-stuff scene, my god, I don’t even like avocados, but I bet there’s someone out there that would love this taste.

It sucks a bit, just because I really wanted to like it, I really, really, wanted to like it, but I can’t imagine having to go through this process multiple times per day.

They do recommend mixing it with fresh fruits and berries to create a smoothie, or mixing it with juice, and I would try it if I had more servings, but for this first try, I wanted to go with normal tap water, seeing as it should be edible drinkable without masking the taste.

After I had finished up, I didn’t feel like I was satisfied as far as hunger goes (I did this test on an empty stomach). But now, a couple of hours late, I don’t feel that hungry either, I mean, I could eat, but I’m not starving.


I’m not ready to give up on my dream of quick and convenient powder based food. I’m definitely going to try Soylent at some point as well. But Ambronite, that stuff, it just isn’t for me.

So how many toasters out of five does it get?

Well considering it was really hard to even finish one serving, I’m going to give it one out of five.