Åland islands

September 30, 2012

We (Paulina and me) decided to put up a new apartment-ad on blocket. Last time we did it (earlier in the summer) we got quite a few answers. This time around we only got like two or three hits. One of them, an old couple in Årsta, were looking to rent their apartment from November to the end of March with possibility of extending the contract.
We went out on Wednesday to look at the apartment, it’s right on the border of Liljeholm and Årstadal (One station down from Hornstull on the redline), in a newly built neighborhood.
We both fell in love with both the apartment and the surroundings, we had a nice chat with the landlords and we should hopefully get an answer on Monday whether or not we got it. We got the apartment! Now the only thing standing in our way is if Stockholmshem will allow the landlords to rent out the apartment in second hand.

I’ve also blogged a lot this week about a my newly bought server, and how my installation went. So I won’t get in to too much details, but it should be live on Monday, which makes me a happy cat.

Cecilia, the girl we currently live with, had her boyfriend from Helsinki over the weekend. So me and Paulina decided to give them some breathing room, which meant we left for Finland again, more specifically, the Åland Islands. Åland is quite a large group of islands and is an autonomous state belonging to Finland. Åland is also declared as a demilitarized zone.

We decided to use Viking line’s cruiser, M/S Rosella. She departs from Kapellskär, which is a semi-small harbor 90 km north of Stockholm, on the eastern side of Norrtälje. We used Viking line’s buses to get out there, and of course, we weren’t the only ones. The bus was packed, every seat booked, so me and Paulina couldn’t sit next to each other, instead I had to sit next to an old guy, mumbling in a foreign language  and to my right I had an other old guy, probably in his late sixties, playing Zynga’s Farmville, which was really random. And this is why I hate bus rides and trains, you’re always seated next to the most random strangers.

We have a friend who moved to Åland earlier this year, and he let us crash at his apartment. The weather wasn’t that great so during Saturday we sat mostly inside, ate some great food, drank wine and played scrabble through out the night.
Sunday gave us at least some sunshine, so we’ve been out and about in the southern parts of Åland.

I’ve only visited Åland once, two summers ago, but one thing that stands out from my memory was “Uffe på berget“, which is in English, literally, Uffe on the mountain. It’s a small café located on a mountain (d’uh). Naturally we visited the site again, and when I was about to take some pictures, I noticed I had forgotten my SD-card for my camera in my computer, which meant I had to use my phone. So sorry for another post with pixelated, ugly images.

During our adventures around Åland, we found something I didn’t know existed in the Baltic Sea / Gulf of Bothnia. The waters were literally filled with jellyfish, in this case it was the common jellyfish. Again, sadly, I didn’t have my SD card, so phone pictures will have to suffice.