A week of ups and downs

December 8, 2012

My god it feels like this week has been long, so much has happened, so much to be happy for and so much that isn’t as good. So lets start with the things I haven’t been happy about.

First and foremost, we’ve had snow. Lots of snow, and evidently, I’m happy for it, but Stockholm leaves me with a bitter taste in my mouth. I’m having a hard time to grasp how bad Stockholm is able to handle snow, not only was to electrical grid down for 82,000 people for a few hours but this also left the public transportation in shamble. It also seems like they don’t have nearly enough of snowplows at their disposal. It hasn’t snowed for a few days now, and yet the streets are still filled with piles of snow. And to think this is one of (or the) largest city in Scandinavia. To put things in perspective, Vasa, which is a city the size of 4,6% of Stockholm, has never crashed and burned because of a little snow.

Admittedly, we did get quite a lot of snow, as you can see in this picture from my balcony. We had roughly 40-50cm of snow.

So the added stress of having to plod through snow, the majority of Stockholm’s pedestrians are really slow walkers, which means just walking a couple of blocks will take literally at least three times longer than if you’d be walking alone. Now generally this doesn’t annoy me much, sure I’m angry when I have to elbow myself forward, but this Tuesday was a really stressful day. One of my co-workers had bought a used HP Proliant DL585 (a server that weighs in at 35-44kg) and I had promised to help him transport it from Skanstull to Mosebacken, that’s like ~10-15 blocks, a fairly short distance. But as luck would have it, this was the day of the snow blizzard in combination with non-ploughed streets and the public transportation not working properly. The trip, that would in a normal day take about half an hour, took 2 hours. And yes, my arms are still hurting. And hopefully, this really was the last time I’m carrying a server around Stockholm.

On a lighter note, we, as in Finland, celebrated our independence day last Thursday. My ice-hockey jersey did raise awareness, though the majority of people wondered if there was a ice hockey championship match going on. After work I thought I’d drink a few Finnish beers and just relax, sadly, the only Finnish beverage that Systembolaget carries is Lapin Kulta. But all in all, I was happy.

I’ve also bought myself an early Christmas gift, a new watch. To be more specific, a Casio G-Shock GA-100-1A1. It’s not my usual watch style, I generally prefer a more basic and classic style of watch, but I really liked the all-black look of this one. It set me back around 1500 SEK (You can find it cheaper online, I paid the added “tax of retail”), but seeing as it’s a Casio G-shock, it’ll probably still be ticking long after I’ve stopped. One of the cool things with the watch is that you can enter what time zone your in, and the watch will automatically wind itself to the correct time, a little tacky, but I liked it.