A week full of celebrations

June 9, 2013

My last weekly update ended with me promising to do something spectacular. Well Sweden has celebrated her ? national day (eh, I don’t know how old Sweden is). But this weren’t the only celebration to take place in Sweden and Stockholm, one of the princesses got married (I wasn’t that interested so I didn’t take my time to go out and watch the parade) and the Swedish Navy held their annual exhibition(?) in Stockholm, it’s called Marinensdag, and I have no idea how to translate it to English. Now the latter I was interested in. I’ve earlier visited the USS Simpson when it was docked in Vasa, as well as numerous other Finnish navy vessel, so when I heard about the chance to see these ships I naturally jumped on it.


The Navy had brought out a number of vessels, 8 “normal” ships and boats and one submarine. You weren’t allowed to enter all of the boats, but the ones that were open was the HMS Belos, HMS Sundsvall, HMS Ven and HMS Halland. I boarded all of them except the submarine HMS Halland. There’s two reasons for not boarding the submarine, one, and this was the deal breaker, the queue was humongous, there were literally hundreds of people standing in line, the second reason being that you weren’t allowed to bring any bags nor cameras. The bags had to be left outside of the boat. (Though they did have armed guards). They also had another interesting boat which you weren’t allowed to board, now, I don’t really know anything about boats, but it looked a bit weird, the HMS Visby, which looks like a stealth plane in the water.


I could bore you all to death with posting all the pictures here, but instead I’ve opted to create a set on flickr.

Back to my own reality, we’ve had a few guests this week. A childhood friend, Jacob and his girlfriend Linnea, came to visit us, we went out to Southside for a beer and had a really good time, I’ve only met Jacob a few times this last decade, and those times have been very brief, so it was fun to actually sit down and talk with him.

And later Vera came over and spent (is spending) the weekend at our place, which has been really great.


Monorun running on Android tablet

But maybe the most important thing to celebrate is the release of monorun!. You haven’t played it? Never heard of it? Then you need to stop reading this and head over and beat my record!