A new year with new challenges

January 1, 2013

Even though I’ve greatly enjoyed reading through Carlos Eriksson’s recap of his year, I thought I’d rather look forward. As noted multiple times I’ve started my new year in Finland, had a few drinks and a few laughs, but soon I’ll be back in my daily routine, though some things will change, again.

When I get back to bazooka next week I’ll take on a new role (temporarily until fall) as head of internal and external IT, this is exciting on multiple levels as I get to control a some what larger network then I’m used to. And before you ask, no, I won’t leave my duties as a developer, I’ll be holding both titles at the same time.

I also look forward to a lot of new projects which will both be totally custom as well as projects being built on drupal, which is a platform/framework/what-have-you that I’m not familiar with from before. Though nothing is set in stone yet, it does look like a prosperous year a head of us.

And to sidetrack a little and talk about my personal life, I look forward to my sister’s wedding which is coming up this summer, as well as trying to organize the bachelor party for her future-husband.
Even though I love winter, almost fanatically, I do look forward to spring, seeing as that is the only season I have yet witnessed in my new city (let alone country). I’ve made some plans with friends to travel and will see how that’ll go, sadly our plans usually crash and burn, but here’s for hoping.

As Carlos mentioned in his blog post, he told us he didn’t really like new year’s resolutions, and truthfully, I don’t either, but seeing as he did leave one resolution (sarcastic as it was), so will I;

This year I’ll try to stress less about things that are out of my control, as well as not taking out stress long-before an event.