A movie about Harry Potter and Dexter

November 8, 2013

I totally forgot to mention this in my last week’s update, so I’m just going to sneak this one in (without anybody noticing it).

As some of you might know, Bazooka has been Stockholm Film Festival‘s official digital web agency for the last three years. And just as we’ve done previous years, with this year being no exception, is to treat a lot of people, friends, family, business partners with a free cinema screening. Before the movie started we got treated with popcorn, hot dogs and beer sprinkled with a little mingle.

I’m the guy to the right (middle row) with an Aperture science t-shirt

The movie that we got to view this year was “Kill Your Darlings”. This post isn’t about reviewing the movie, but I can’t hold back on writing a small synopsis on what happens. The movie is about a lonely Harry Potter Allen Ginsberg who falls in love with random guy Lucien Carr who in turn is stalked by Dexter David Kammerer. It all ends in tears when somebody’s locked up, somebody dies, and somebody writes a book about it.

All in all, the movie was pretty good, a bit too romantic, but still quite good.

Dan (to the left) our CEO and Martin (to the right) the project manager presenting the new feature.

This year around i was a bit more proud than last year. Why, I imagine you ask. Because not only had bazooka won the Drupalcamp 2012 award for best site earlier this year, but also because I had been involved in the update for this year’s main feature, the festival schedule, where users can sign up, and create their personal schedule for all the movies that they want to watch. The project was built almost exclusively in javascript, and I had a lot of fun doing it.

And finally, our Art Director Calle Stenfelt, made this awesome short commercial which is played right before every movie that’s shown during this year’s festival. It’s in Swedish, and it roughly translates to:

Narrator: In 1996 somebody said that the internet is just a fad.
Mosquito: Ridiculous.
Narrator: Bazzzzzzoka. Sweden’s nicest digital agency.
Arrow: And the first one.

And that’s all for this year’s movie event. (I shamefully stole all the pictures from facebook, so I don’t know who took the shots and therefore can’t attribute them)