A lot can change in one day

March 23, 2014

I’ve seemed to start most of my weekly updates with a meteorologic “postcast” (as in opposite to forecast).

We’ve seen all kinds of weathers this week. We’ve had snow, we’ve had subzero temperatures and we’ve had sunny weather with zero downfall.

For example; I took this too images about 24 hours apart. The left one was taken before the right one. Doing a complete 360 from winter to spring.

onedayClick for a large picture

I know, I kinda messed up the angles, but it’s close enough to get the picture.

Climbing mountains

Or, eh, “mountains”, the highest hill in Stockholm, Hammarbytoppen, reaching almost a 100m above sea-level.

When I was standing at the bottom of the hill I thought that I’d would be fairly easy to get up. You don’t even have to climb, it’s really just like walking.
As I gradually got higher up, the hill got steeper, and when I was finally at the top I had lost my breathe completely and my legs were completely exhausted.

I guess if anything, this shows how much in need I am to do something about my fitness.

Anyway, the view was pretty spectacular, you can see almost all of Stockholm from the top, and I’m pretty sure it would translate to an awesome picture if taken during the night.


A small piece of home

Earlier in the week I talked with Paulina how I missed our kitchen equipment, porcelain, cutlery etc. that we have in Finland. In our current apartment, which is furnished, the dishes are mostly made up of Ikea stuff, not really made of the quality one has been used to (I really sound like a snob).
The dishes we’ve got packed down is mostly from Iittala and Arabia, really the complete opposite to Ikea.

The next day, when I got home from work, Paulina had gotten me a small gift, a single Iittala coffee cup (from the Teema series), I’m pretty sure this is the single best gift that I’ve gotten since we moved to Sweden.