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April 14, 2013

Brämhults Juice

This week has revolved around a lot of social interactions. We had two guests from Vaasa who stayed at our house for a few days. Lots of laughs. Later on, mid-week, Paulina went off to Finland, she was going to see Eddie Izzard live at Hartwall Areena and then go to Vaasa for a couple of days. I’ve already seen Eddie with Paulina once, so I decided not to go, but opted instead to stay at home. Which I feel was the right thing, because my Mom was attending a conference here in Stockholm as a speaker, and I take every chance I can get to meet family. Sadly she was only going to stay for one day, so it was a short visit.

On Friday an other old friend from Vaasa visited on a business trip, so we went out and took a few lots of drinks. I recently noticed that if I keep to only drinking clean Vodka I don’t get any kind of headache, and this trick worked again, though I usually am a little disoriented the next day, but no please-chop-off-my-head-splitting-headache that I usually get if I drink beer.

Saturday morning, got to sleep in, woke up and had a delighted breakfast, a bottle of Brämhults juice, which really is hands down the best juice I’ve ever tasted. I’ve in the past been developing a few WordPress plugins in preparation for a new site which me and Carlos is working on. I decided to try and actually test my code in production, and built a few widgets for my current theme.
As you’ve probably noticed in the right sidebar there’s a few new things, the related posts and Latest updates (which I should rename to recent updates). Though this isn’t the final version of the widgets, but I really wanted to get them out in the wild, so I jumped the gun and shoved them out of my development setup as soon as I had a working prototype.

I mentioned a few weeks ago that I had bought a new lens, an f/1.4 30mm Sigma, and I really gotta say that I love the focal length. I don’t think I’ve switched the lens to any other during this time. Which speaks for itself. Well worth the money. Sigma is usually blamed for not having the best quality assurance, their lenses are often plagued with back-focusing, though I haven’t noticed anything on my copy. And I’m currently looking in to getting some Elinchrome strobes, but that’ll be a future project.

I’ve also been busy on following up with a part two on my unified Microsoft platform. This time focusing a lot more how I’d like to see them implement everything. Though I can’t really say when that piece will be done.

Stay tuned.