A hundred and eighty thousand words

January 18, 2014

An image is worth a thousand words right? and I went through 18,000 images this week (after removing about two thousand images), as I went through the images I removed a further two thousand and was left with about 16,000 images. It took me somewhere around 18 hours to go through all the pictures (the pictures I ended up removing were mostly time lapses).

And what did I learn? The pictures that I value most is the ones with people I know, obviously. One thing that threw me off was the amount of pictures of myself, but before I give out that number, I need to put it into context. Of all the pictures I’ve taken, there around 6,000 images containing people, 2000 of these have Paulina in them, the runner up is Linus, with 600 pictures. So I was quite surprised when in the end I had 650 pictures of myself. Most of these pictures are from when I hand over the camera to someone else. My point being is, as the one who usually acts as the photographer, I was afraid that I didn’t have any images of myself for the future, I’m pretty happy about the fact that I do indeed have pictures of myself, and quite a lot at that.

Needless to say, most of the functionality in darkroom is done, I still have some minor features I’d like to include, but all in all, it’s a usable system. One of the things I’ve liked most so far is the fact that Paulina can log on to the system and go through my images without my help (it’s a lot easier to log on to a webpage and browser pictures instead of mounting a network drive and wade through thousands of raw files). She has always complained about the fact that I take a lot of images and they all “disappear” onto some server somewhere, well not any more.


Here in Stockholm we’ve finally reached winter, or “winter”, the temperature is still at a somewhat warm -4 Celsius, but there’s a lot of snow. During the winter-days the soft light is awesome for portrait photography, which the lens I bought last week excels at. Sadly, because I’ve been busy working during the days I haven’t been able to go out, and now that it’s Saturday, I have the misfortune of having my only model at work. So I ended up taking a self portrait (I’m posting this picture mostly as a filler in this post, too much text, not enough images).



Speaking of work, this week I started, in preparation for an upcoming project, to play around with AngularJS. An MVC like Javascript framework made by google. I generally try to avoid frameworks, mostly because I love Vanilla JS, but as I’ve already accepted jQuery as a tool, I might as well venture in to the depths of other frameworks. I’ve really enjoyed how Angular works, and once I had my first app up and running I caught myself thinking “Why haven’t I used this before”. Angular removes a lot of the boring work and lets you concentrate on the things that you really want to do. And it splits up the presentational layer from the application layer in such a nice way that you really feel that the structure of the project is in a great shape. I only wish I had used angular for darkroom, let’s call that “further development”.

Getting PayPal

I’ve finally taken the decision to get PayPal, I’ve tried for years to not get it, but as I wanted to get Spotify premium, and it wouldn’t take my Finnish debit card, and because I don’t want to use my Swedish debit card I found PayPal to be the easiest way. And now that I’ve got paypal I went and bought a few stickers from Redbubble in order to decorate my thinkpad. Hopefully I’ll get the stickers next week so I can show them to you.

And on the subject of buying things, I check qwertee daily for their new t-shirt designs and this week a “Back to the future” meets “Portal” design came up for sale, which I naturally had to buy.

Photo courtesy of Esbjörn Eriksson
Photo courtesy of Esbjörn Eriksson
The guys at work decided it was time for a new round of Eldritch Horror, which is a complex and fun board game. This time, just like last time, we lost, but we ended up only playing for roughly 5 hours, so I guess that’s an improvement. We were really close to winning, it was the last round, we had in essence won, but the game itself still had it’s last move. Some of us had already started packing up, because, as I mentioned earlier, if nothing unexpected would happened, we’d win. Anyway, the final move from the game forced one of the players, i.e. one of us, to die. And if one of us would die we’d move the “doom-tracker” one point, and we’d lose, and that’s what happened. Better luck next time, eh?