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July 29, 2013

Today is a special occasion. Today marks my one year anniversary living in Sweden. I’m having a bit of a difficult situation even persuading myself that this is the case, it feels almost surreal that it was that long ago that I left our empty apartment in Vasa.

One year and one day ago I was sitting on Sandö (a small beach island in Vasa) having a pic-nic with lots of friends. Exactly one year ago, I boarded the airplane with one suitcase, a backpack and a single ticket to Arlanda (and a bit hungover I might add).

Before I left, I decided I was going to blog one post per week about my experiences in my new city, my new country. And even though I’ve at times struggled to find content to write home about, I’ve actually succeeded this goal with flying colors.

I believe this year has changed me as a person in many different ways. Not being in the comfort of your own country, learning how to deal with a government you really don’t know much about, getting used to a new culture (albeit not that different from the Finnish culture, though a bit more social). I’ve also had the pleasure to get to know a lot of new people, a lot of smart people.

Through my new work I’ve had a chance to get involved in a lot of projects that I don’t think I would’ve had the chance to do.

I’ve gotten to experience, first-hand, on how hard it is to find an apartment in Stockholm. And I really hope that my next apartment will be a lot easier to find. I’m pretty sure that this single thing has been the most stressful part of my journey so far. And I really wish that somebody, the state, the city, whoever, could solve this problem.

One, of many, things that I’ve gotten to enjoy through out the year was Bazooka’s kick-off trip to Malta, which was a great deal of fun, and I’m really glad that I didn’t miss out on it. And on the subject of travel, I’ve spent more time than I dare to admit on boats.

All most as soon as I started working, I got invited to a side project by some of my colleagues, a small movie project about a turd. Though this project hasn’t yet been completed, hopefully I’ll get to show you the fruit of our labor soon.

I’ve also had time to do a lot of personal projects, of which two are a bit larger. Last winter I started a small project on my spare time, a 2d platform game, that later on became a larger project and which Bazooka decided to use as the base for their (or our) Christmas card, Super Danio.

The second project that comes to mind is of course monorun. A game that maybe isn’t the most sophisticated game ever, but from which I’ve learned a great deal of things, and continue to do so as I continue building on it.

Though not everything I’ve done has been computer related, some of the things have been a bit more extreme, and downright dangerous, which often translates to being really fun.

Even though I do miss Finland, some things more than other, here’s for another successful year in Sweden!