10 Year Anniversary

January 18, 2015

Ten years. That’s a lot of time, 3653 days to be exact. Some quick calculations and it ends up being 37.4% percent of my life. During this time my life’s changed dramatically, I’ve been through one school, owned three cars, worked at 4 different workplaces, had 7 different apartments and lived in two countries. Throughout all of these adventures, one thing has stayed the same, Paulina.

The thing is, we’ve always forgotten to celebrate our annual anniversary, but this year is different, one decade together, through thick and thin.

As I left work I picked up some cake and sparkling wine, and when I got home, Paulina was already there, she had worked a morning shift, which naturally means she was dead tired. I actually took care of the cooking (nothing fancy, pyttipanna with eggs) and I didn’t mess it up.

Anniversary, champagne and cake

We celebrated calmly, just over cake and wine, afterwards we watched a movie and went to sleep early. You’d think we’re 67 instead of our actually age, 26.

Stolichnaya vodka

I also tried to replicate one of my favourite drinks, Caipiroska, but failed. A plastic cup with 40% alcohol was stupid, I’ll leave it at that.

After a good twelve hours of sleep, we got up and headed for some breakfast. We went to our usual place in Liljeholmen, nothing fancy, the best thing with this particular cafĂ© is that it’s almost always empty, which suits me fine.

Philadelphia breakfast


Sunday morning, when I woke up I noticed a text message that I had received earlier in the morning. It was Calle asking me if I had any plans for the day. I texted him back and we decided to go and visit Fotografiska. I didn’t know which photographers were exhibited, I had an other agenda, I wanted to get a poster by Russell James featuring Scarlett Johansson, I’ve always liked the picture, and I’d though it’d be nice to get it framed.

And hanging out with Calle is always fun, getting to see some photographic work was only the cherry on top.

Street art
Found this stencil gem on my way to the subway.

So we met up at Slussen, and walked the rest of the way. When we got to the building, the line for the exhibit was long, in fact, it was so long that people had to stand outside. Thankfully we weren’t in a hurry.

Last time I was in fotografiska the main exhibitor was some guy who loved photoshop, I can’t even be bothered remembering who it was. This time around the main event was Herb Ritts — In Full Light, the other, smaller exhibits were Narratives by Adi Nes and Before They Pass Away by Jimmy Nelson.


I’m in no way an expert in photography, but most of the pictures in the main exhibit was pretty meh, mostly famous people in a pretty normal studio shot; white background, stupid pose, boring clothes.

The one I liked the most was Jimmy Nelson’s exhibit, all the pictures contained interesting people, and breathtaking backgrounds.

When we were done looking through the exhibitions, we left for the gift shop. The place was crowded, and I had to stand and wait for quite a while to get a chance to look through the posters, find what number the one I wanted had, and then fetch the correct poster-roll. Finally, when I had the number, I started to look for the correct roll, and sadly, they were all out.

Guess I’ll either have to order it online, or wait a few days and head back (fotografiska is just an earshot from my office).

tree, snow and winter
Some of the scenery as I was ice-skating home.

On our way back home, we walked from Fotografiska through Södermalm to Skanstull, took the subway one stop to Gullmarsplan. Calle was in a hurry so he took the bus home, but I instead opted for what I thought would be a relaxing walk. It’s a couple of kilometers from Gullmarsplan to my apartment, and I’ve walked the same route multiple times before, what I hadn’t anticipated was the ice, I was wearing my slippery sneakers, and basically ice-skated the whole way. It was a nice walk, but hardly relaxing.